You guys like the "Animal Man" series from The New 52

I running through it now & it’s way cooler than I expected it to be. I love how it crossed over with the Swamp Things storyline.


@DionteBOOM I have t read it


Oh yes, it’s grand. Animal Man is one of the ten best wave 1 New 52 titles and then some.


It’s on my To Read list!

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Animal Man New 52 was fantastic. I also recommend New 52 Swamp Thing as they both set up the crossover Rotworld


Animal Man is my #1 favorite run from The New 52. What a great series.


I like very nuch almost all the other works of Jeff Lemire

For ecample his Justice League Dark arc in New 52 increased my interest in the series a lot.

I admire his work on.Animal Man.

But I.didnt like it.

There was a lot of emphasis on body.horror - misshapen things that were no longer human. I didn’t like those issues of Swamp Thing by Wein and Wrightson that portrayed that either. So it may have been the subject matter not the story.

Morrison’s run was a lot more varied in tone and ideas. I liked Buddy and felt empathy when his wife was murdered. I liked the entire family in.the first Animal Man run.

I didn’t feel that Buddy.was the main principal.of these stories or even a leading actor most time.

Too much family tension.

Too much family in jeopardy.

Also.the wife seemed to be drawn differently in different issues sometimes wearing glasses sometimes not. I may be mistaken in.that.

In.this aeries part of the storylinr came ftom Swamp Thing. I am not fond of Abby Archane as a kick.ass action hero. Nor did I understand where Alec Holland’s head was at. I should have felt more empathy for him since they threw away the Anatomy Lesson logic but he was unreadable to me.

I hope to read New 52 Swamp Thing soon.
Maybe I will understand this series better after reading it.


Absolutely loved it; this series, along with Swamp Thing, ended up being two of my favorite New 52 series.


It was great.


For me, Animal Man is one of the hidden gems of the DC Universe. The New 52 storyline was compelling and the callbacks it made to Morrison’s run made it even better for me. I wish that we could see a cinematic interpretation of this character, because I think it would be amazing. You get family drama, meta humor, superheroic shenanigans and a message to try and preserve our planet.


I read it earlier this year. Loved it!


I absolutely loved it! One of my all time favorite series for sure - that and Swamp Thing New 52. They are an amazing pairing.

Bought the run when it came out loved it ,even bought the T-shirt they came out during that time but I have to say I kind of miss the classic look for Animal Man jacket and all, very 90s but I loved it

I personally found it okay.

I liked it a lot. Certainly kept my interest longer than most of the New 52 series. Not that I didn’t like others, too, I’m just sayin’ this one was way cool.


That’s exactly what I was gonna post. Rotworld is one of my favorite reads.
The Last days of Animal Man was great too.

I will have to be another voice of dissent.

Even though I think of myself as a fan of Snyder and Lemire, I did NOT like Rotworld. I really didn’t feel like it was an idea that needed to take up nearly as much time and space as it did. Worse, what they chose to do with that time and space I found to be boring.

Both writers have done better before and since. For me, this was not something I cared for.

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At the end of Rot World when the Hunters Three were defeated, why did they turn into spacemen, asking about “taproot” and the “ascension chamber”. Is this a reference from before the New 52? I didn’t understand this easter egg. Please help.

Lemire runs with the weird and is a fine fit for Animal Man and Justice League Dark and doesn’t forget to balance it with humanity.

Big Lemire fan. His Animal Man is good although I feel like it loses its way at a point. It’s still inferior to the Morrison Animal Man imo. But it certainly has its own identity.