You Brought Me The Ocean

Just finished reading the new graphic novel about Jackson Hyde (Jake Hyde here- not sure how I feel about the name yet.) The story was pretty average, nothing special, except the novelty of it being a queer superhero origin. It meant a lot to have a character I could relate to like that. It’s what I’ve wanted from comics for a long time. The only thing that really kept this book from being great, to me, is the art. It’s easily the weakest part of the book. It looks very cheap and not very skillful.

I hope to see more of Jake and Kenny. I really like their characters. There’s so much potential here! Jackson has incredibly cool powers and an interesting story. Wish he could be given a shot.

That said, queer male characters are essentially non-existent in DC comics outside of a Pride Tweet so I won’t get my hopes up.


So, I haven’t read the book yet (I know, I know, I have to. I’m reading/doing/stressing over a lot of other stuff right now), but I have to say, from what I’ve seen in the preview pages, I actually found the art to be rather appealing. It has a sort of Matt Kindt flavor to it that (I thought, anyway) gave the book a unique aesthetic. Again, I haven’t read it yet, and I’ll make another post when I have, but I’m just wondering what didn’t you like about it?

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About the art? I just felt like there wasn’t much to it. I understand the book has An Aesthetic™ but I just didn’t like it. There are pages toward the end of the book with more art that I thought was superior to anything in the actual book. I never once saw a page and went “Wow! That’s beautiful!” To me, it looks like a teen’s first comic book.

I’m glad the art appeals to you, though!

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