YJ Season 3

Watched the first 2 episodes last night, so far its off to a good start. Especially will black lightning killing the little girl, which sets the tone of the shows and I think eventual the redemption of Black lightning character. Even though he didnt know it was a child it really messed with him. I also like the fact that Batman was like: look if nations of the world dont want to open their borders to let us help, I’m out and I’m taking my crew. I personally think Black Canary shouldve left with Green Arrow and Batman , since she is street level and the 3 of them of would have gotten a lot more accomplished.

That being said…since this is a 5 year jump :expressionless: I would like some background information.

For starters, what happened to Aquaman, and how did Kal’dur become heir to the throne??? I feel like that could be have a subplot line for season within itself. Hopefully that question gets answer this season.

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Im thinking Arthur retired to take care of his family mera did announce her pregnancy in season 1 I think

Really I dont remember that

So far it’s been following Batman & the Outsiders with a few minor changes. Historically, with the YJ franchise, I’m sure it will change, but I’ve loved the direction in which it’s started. As we all know, from here on out, anything goes. Which only makes this show that much better. Just when u think there following a certain script or comic line, they switch it up just enough to make it their own & it always works imo.

Good questions. I have my theories, and if you would like to hear one keep reading.

My theory on Aquaman is that either he’s just retired, because, I think he’s an older character, or, something major happened and he decided to retire, leaving Auqalad in charge. I haven’t seen or heard about La’gaan at all, so something may have happened to him and Aquaman decided he couldn’t do this anymore. He might be dead as well. Hoping it’s not the latter.