YJ Prince Brion

Okay, love the start of season 3 of Young Justice but not so sure about this version of Geo-Force. His earth related powers now seem to manifest themselves as magna man. I like the gravity powers version. It gives him a chance to stand toe to toe with Superman as he does in a great Christmas issue of Batman and the Outsiders which also has one of my all-time favorite covers.

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He’s also reminiscent of plasmus & the creatures that Luthor released while drilling from an oil platform in the Ocean. I personally like the Batman & the Outsiders version the best, but I have faith in Weisman & the crew as I’ve yet to be let down with the liberties they’ve taken on any character since season 1. I do agree with u on his appearance tho, it’s definitely reminiscent of the few u & I mentioned, when I was hoping for the Outsiders look. Which isn’t really too far off, & definitely not enough to upset me.

Agree I do trust the YJ creative team so I’ll roll with i

I am a little confused as to why he doesn’t have the gravity powers. :confused: