(YJ new ep spoilers!) Okay, was anyone else getting Teen Titans vibes from the end of ep 16??

I’m thinking that ‘teens split off from The Team/go public = Teen Titans/new team’ , potentially.

Especially since it was specifically Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Blue Beetle who did it, and all of them have been part of the Teen Titans at some point in other canons. I mean, them splitting off and making their own team would kind of fit in with the ‘multiple teams doing multiple things’ theme they’ve got going on this season, especially since almost none of them know that all these multiple teams are in fact still working together. Further fracturing while having this knowledge hidden from them would hardly be out of the question, and would tie-in with the whole ‘unintended consequences from hiding vital information’ thing from S2.

(Plus, having the Teen Titans show up would leave an opening to bring in Starfire and Raven. I’ve been dying to see Starfire on young justice, especially after Cyborg showed up earlier this season - and he’s not fitting in with the Team yet!! opening for maybe joining the Teen Titans!! AND, since the Justice League is currently traversing the galaxy, it wouldn’t be out of the question to bring in Tamaran and Starfire, right???)


Yes! I totally got those vibes, especially when they made it a point that Cyborg was not part of the team.

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I can’t argue with anything you said. Not that I’d want to, I’m just saying your theories solid. Plus I’d be so happy if u were right. I’m also dying to see Koriand’r and there’s never a bad time to bring in the Teen Titans far as I’m concerned.


Ah, I haven’t really thought about it. I was wondering after the end of the episode w/ Beast Boy, Blue Bettle, and Kid Flash, what they would do with that plot. Wonder if Tim will be the Robin of the teen titan group.

I love it as an idea. I want to see more shows set in this universe. After the scenes with Guy and the others in space, who doesn’t want a JL series in the YJ universe?