YJ & Edgar Allan Poe connection.

Anyone else notice the Poe connections? Episode 26 titled Nevermore a line from The “Raven “ where the Raven says Quoth the Raven nevermore . Black Lightning says “ When I nodded nearly napping, Suddenly there came a tapping” to Luthor when they bust him. A line from The Poe poem the “Raven”. They mention/ introduce into YJ the Elongated Man. In To kill a Legend, Ralph & Sue Dibney help solve Poe’s last case. In that case a Raven is caught & returned to the suspects apt. Where the Raven speaks & gives Dibney a clue to the case. Just as in Poe’s The Raven, a Raven speaks to Poe . Curious if anyone noticed those nods? & is there any other Poe fans on this site?

Meant to mark spoiler if mods could help please do, if not, I’m sorry. I got lost in my post & forgot.:confounded: