Yes, It’s is

Another post about John Constantine

There’s an article on the Internet That Keanu Reeves wants to play Constantine again. I liked the first one

I hope it happens

What say you ???


No. As much as I enjoyed the film, I think Matt Ryan is the perfect marriage of character and actor. John Wick is already a comicbook character as far as I’m concerned, Keanu Reeves doesn’t need to be Constantine.

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With so many comic materials to work with especially Vertigo’s Hellblazer, TV works better with Constantine and Matt Ryan fits him so well. And with Swamp Thing, it fits in perfectly if they do bring Constantine back.

I like Matt Ryan as Constantine but I don’t see him on the movie screen He is to tied with TV Keanu Reeves is a much bigger name If they where to make another Constantine movie Keanu is who they would go with

If Tilda Swinton and the director come back, and Shia LaBeouf stays away, I’M IN

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