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Hey, all!

MissInkBlot here, happily joining you in celebration of DC Universe’s One Year Anniversary. It’s been a blast getting to know all of you, so it’s no wonder the time passed by so quickly! Today, I’m going to showcase some of my favorite forum threads, but fair warning… this one’s a doozy, as I have favs from the forum, in general, AND favorite “Fan Creation Friday prompts” featured! Do any of my favs match yours?

A few of my Top 5 threads from the forum (well, and a mighty special content feature) might come off a little strange, but that’s why I chose them. For me, they were some of the hidden jewels of the forums that sometimes weren’t around long, but still left an impression on me.

  1. DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself! -
  • I adore this thread - not only were you able to offer up some of the awesome nitty gritty of who each of you are, but we were able to learn so much about the very people who make our days special on this forum! With every new post, a new friend was gained. :heart:
  1. What are some things on ly DC fans understand? -
  • To me, this thread is a bit like the show “Cheers.” It gives the same feeling the theme song does, except from the perspective of it being nice to know others get the same inside jokes you do. :slight_smile:
  1. Look What I got in the mail today from DC Universe! -
  • This isn’t the only thread of its kind to be found on the forum, but it was one of the first ones posted, and stuck in my mind because others shared either pictures or announcement of their received packages with the community in their own comment responses. It reminds me of another aspect I enjoy about being a mod: being able to help in thanking the community for being such an amazing part of our day-to-day lives! Gotta thank @Bloodviolet for pulling double duty in this favs list. :slight_smile:
  1. Negative Man’s Cook Book series
  • Having loved Negative Man’s cooking scene from Titans (S01,E04), I couldn’t help but love this series of threads, all of which successfully added “hungry” to the “happiness” already felt by visiting the forum (rather fortunate those two still make “happy” instead of “hangry,” right? lol). I thank @Mr.marooned and @toonatonian for being kind enough to share them with us! The links are below!

4a. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 1: Ollie’s Chili Recipe -
4b. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 2: Larfleeze’s Orange Lantern Cookies -
4c. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 3: The Invisible Banana French Toast -
4d. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 4: Hawkman’s Egg Birds -
4e. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 5: Wonder Woman’s Natural Soda Pop -
4f. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 6: Superman’s Frozen Fortress Pops -
4g. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 7: Holy Guacamole… -
4h. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 8: Gotham City Egg Toast. -
4i. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 9: Green Arrow’s Fruit Snacks -
4j. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 10: The Atom’s Knockout Punch -
4k. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 11: Superman’s Heat Vision Grilled Cheese -
4l. Negative Man’s Cook Book, Week 12: Perry White’s Great Caesar’s Salad(Plus an extra recipe!) -

5a. Auto Mod -

  • Sensing a pattern with the numbering, aren’t ya? Well ignore it, okay? :stuck_out_tongue: This goody’s a fav because this serves as a reminder that Community 2.0 is coming and. I. am. so. excited! YOU should be, too. I can’t WAIT for you to see what all is in store! :smiley: Thank you for this thread, @Awesome Squid - does it count as your volunteering to be the Auto Mod’s Assimilation Ambassador? :wink:
  • Also, for those interested, “Auto Mod” has an official name… and no, it’s not “Keeper of the s-Light(s),” as some have feared, nor is it “The Claw,” like I was looking forward to everyone being made to chant… coughs and whistles innocently. If you want to know more, go here to the “Poll Results: What Should We Name the Automod? You Chose…” thread:

5b. What’s the last movie you saw? -
What’s the last video game you played? -
What’s the last song you heard? -

  • Created by @TX85, this set of threads are favs because they’ve played a big part in making my must watch, play, and listen to lists a couple miles long each, and I absolutely love it, lol. Thank you, @TX85!
  • And, yes, okay, I loop-holed the rules, again. This is more of a “series” of threads that I’m counting as one… AND a fraction, because truth is, there was too much in the “Random” section of the forums that I liked, and paring them down was hard enough as it is, so… erm, @Vroom, happen to have a spare leather jacket with a collar I can flip up? :stuck_out_tongue:

5c. HalloWEEEEN twenty nineTEEEEN -

  • 'Cuz my favorite part of the year is the last part, chock full of holidays, and guess what? It’s almost that time again! Thank you for reminding me of that with this thread, @biff_pow! For me, it’s the happy equivalent of seeing the first leaves on a tree begin to transition to their Fall colors. :slight_smile:

And, about that mention of extra special bit of content we have featured on the service? Behold! The DC Universe Holiday Yule Log:

  • In relation to the Halloween thread featured, like a good many of you, I like to start my holidays as fashionably early as is… ahem, socially acceptable. :stuck_out_tongue: So, I present to you for your early “Countdown to Christmas” viewing pleasure, the DC Universe Holiday Yule Log! Like I’d ever let THIS gem be forgotten? I think NOT! :wink: Now, to torture you further with Christmas music playlist… o.o


Over the past year, I’ve also had the honor of being able to share the “Fan Creation Friday” feature with the forums, which has both been a learning experience and a joy to take part in, and while I’ve loved all of the prompts we’ve tried out, here are a few of my favorites to reminisce with:

Who Would Win? - (with matchups like these, you had me at the edge of my seat with this year’s pairings AND already looking forward to next year’s!)

“Tomorrow they would defeat the enemy, or die." - (an intro like that, and how could it not be a fav?)

Wish You Were Here: Write A Postcard Home From The Swamp! - (you guys were so bubbling with excitement after the premiere of Swamp Thing that even the swamp’s own “gurgle gurgle” paled in comparison!)

Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Metropolis! (my favorite entry from the “Wish You Were Here” series is in this thread. :P)

Would You Give Your Child Meta Powers? - (I adore the response section to this because it shows the feature’s growing pains - there’s a lot that goes into creating and maintaining FCF, but each bump in the road and smooth path discovered are all moments I treasure. Sometimes, things aren’t perfect, and sometimes prompts, and the feature, itself, can go a little awry, but that’s okay: each experience is one for learning and growth).

And, to follow-up that last link’s point, do you know what else I’ve learned?

That the DC Universe family is a spirited, talented, delightful one, with relatives of all sorts, coming from all manner of place. That, by far, this is the best forum I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and I can’t thank the community enough for being so pivotal a part in my feeling that way. Rorschach isn’t the only favorite person to be found in MY DC Universe - all of you are, as well. :heart:


Honorable Mentions (because my Top 5 list broke too many rules as it is, lol):
Brief, interesting facts…about you! -
DC Universe Grill and Cafe! -
TV Shows You Like You Doubt Anybody Else Has Ever Seen -
What’s a random movie you have watched that you think nobody else has -
Most Impactful Horror Games? -
Are You Currently Reading? -



YOU are my favorite Alpha Lantern moment!:heart:

Shine bright like a diamond :slight_smile:


Quick! What was the first conversation between MissInkblot and MisfitHighlander?


I liked the cooking ones too! The Larfleeze’s Orange Lantern Cookies were delicious.

You’ve been a wonderful, creative, guiding light! Thanks for Mod’ing us!


I am loving these posts! They give us a rare look at the mods and what they enjoy on these community forums. I love all the “What is the last” threads as well. Great choices. I appreciate your voice in this community as a moderator so much! You bring so much joy to these forums and I am thankful you are here.


@MissInkBlot! :clap: she makes my hands emit sparks!


Awesome, I made the list!


@MIB Why yes, yes I do have an extra leather jacket you can borrow.

Flip that collar, do some Double Thumbs and utter a Fonz from Happy Days style: “Ayyyyyyy!” and you’re all set, SET I tell ya!


Thanks for reading part of my novel here. You are the only one who ever has.

Thanks for the prompts. I am writing again, fast and furious.

And even trying to teach it, over in Random.


Awesome list. I haven’t heard of some of these have to check them out.


Aww, you guys are such an amazing bunch - so amazing, I couldn’t help but stop in tonight with a delivery of hugs. :heart:

Will be back on tomorrow to respond individually as you all deserve, but mainly wanted to make sure to send another thank you to all of you, not only for your responses to this thread, but all of our Year One Moderator and celebration threads! You really know how to make our days, nights and in-betweens on here, perfect!


@Gibbyhertz - awww, Gibby, you sure know how to brighten up a mod’s day. Thank you for being so kind, and for helping the community become what it is - a treasure chest of gems like yourself! :star2:

@MisfitH - that’s one hot potato you’re throwing! :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, we’ve been together so long on here, so that it feels like there was no beginning - we simply always were! :o

@JLWWSM - oh my, @JLWWSM, likewise! It’s always a joy seeing your posts on here, and double the joy knowing you were able to try out some of the recipes mentioned. They’re all on my to do list, and those cookies are definitely going to be first on the list. Thank you for being such a joy here on the forums, and for making modding feel less like modding, and more like hanging out with good friends! :heart:

@PrincessAmethyst - after learning so much about all of you in the Roll Call thread, and seeing your favorites shared around the forums, we loved the chance to be able to share a little about us with you, too! We appreciate you all the same, and it’s an honor having wonderful people like you around to ca ll family. Truly, that may sound like something that I say just to say, but it’s always something I mean when it’s used. :slight_smile: :family_man_woman_boy:

@biff pow - Sparklers are favs of mine to use for the holidays, so that gave me the giggles! hehe. :sparkler:

@Truth of Pisces - of course! I love checking out your threads - there’s always lots of food for thought to be found in them. :notebook:

@Vroom - Nice! I knew I could count on you! Thank you, kindly! :smiley:

@TurokSonOfStone1950 - Aww, plenty have read your work, and with good reason. I especially like what you’re doing in Random with your campfire stories, and, indeed, your helpful teaching threads. It’s so good to hear you’re writing again - please always continue doing so, too, because although I’m sometimes unable to get to yours and others’ posts in the Fan Creation section as quickly as I’d like when around, I wanted to let you guys know that your writing always makes for A+ reads when I’m lurking about otherwise, and for that I’m always appreciative! You all keep me busy when I’m around AND when I’m not. :slight_smile:

@NYJt3 - Thank you, @NYJt3! I hope you ended up liking them as much as I have!

My apologies for the delay - I didn’t forget, but we were having some trouble with posting earlier this week, and had to give the Community 1.0 a good stern talking to. Speaking of that stern talking to, I need to add your “Create the DC Universe Villainous Rogue Gallery!” thread to the favs list, @Nathan.Payson - if you only knew how accurate that battle royale may (or may not…? Honestly, who can disclose these things?) have been. :stuck_out_tongue:

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