Year One: DC Love!

Happy Anniversary, DC Family!

We would like to extend our appreciation to all of you for exercising those creative muscles of yours over the past few weeks - you’ve given us so much of your work to choose from to be featured for Year One that we’re overwhelmed with gratitude!

Since we had the pleasure of receiving such great submissions for our Year One contest prompts, in thanks, we wanted to allow those muscles to have something of a cool down by giving everyone another chance to celebrate with a round of poetry this week. Other than abiding by our Forum Guidelines, this prompt is open-ended, so what type of poetry created is your choice, and it can be devoted to any aspect of DC that you enjoy most!

In preparation of the upcoming debut of Community 2.0, Fan Creation Friday will be going on hiatus until further notice, but please stay tuned for more information on all that we have planned for both the feature, and the forum, in general - big changes are on the way!

In the meantime, we thank you again for your hard work this year, everyone. It’s a privilege having you accompany us on our journey into Year Two, and all that’s to come with it! :star2:


DC Universe Year One
What a Wonder you’ve become.

Of course, when you began
Batty did your comic pulls make us fans.

Now the Comics Library is not small
Only Suoes or Flash could read them all.

And if there is any Justice
Greater things are ahead for us.

Unlike the Titans of the past
This service is sure to last.

Trolls post here saying you are Doomed
But I know this service will bloom.

As for Things that are in the Swamp
The attempt alone was worth the lumps.

A year from now with Year Two
We Harley know what you will do.

And the Stars will burn bright
When Courtney’s show is done right