Year of the Villains- Batgirl

I read Year of the Villains and it was amazing, but ya know I need to talk about the Barbara Gordon stuff.

First of all, I just want to mention that I’m like 90% sure it takes place after/during Batgirl #37.
I am for one very curious to see her becoming Oracle again, especially because I think Lex does something to turn her evil.
“Little do they know, Lex Luthor has already beat them to it and is about to bring Batgirl’s worst possible nightmare to life! Oracle is back online. And she’s angry.”

That was the last part of #37’s solicit, and it hints toward Lex doing something to make her not only go back online as Oracle, but something that makes her very angry. My theories are either something happens to her making her unable to walk(even though it was said she always thought she would lose her legs) again or that something happens to someone she loves.

What are your thoughts on Barbara becoming Oracle again? What do you think Lex will do to turn her evil?

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Personally I think this is a fakeout. The “Oracle” Lex talks to might just be some malevolent AI Babs designed some long ago. I’m not keeping my hopes up.

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@HubCityQuestion True, true, true. Babs and her crazy AIs