Year of the Villain

What are your thoughts on Year of the Villain so far?

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I’m not interested in yet another massive crossover with zero impact to the overall story.

I plan on giving the whole event a pass.

It’s horrible. Clearly no planning went into it. Writers are forced to somehow make the event fit into their books and it’s obvious that they didn’t have much time to do so. I think it’s even messed up the pace of Justice League, which is a shame. Actually, it’s messed up the pace of all of the books. I hate it when this happens. If they want to make an event, then they should plan one!

Hey Squid, I completely agree. Just think about the machinations required for a villianous mastermind to actually pull off some type of coordinated event like this. It would be years of scheming, deal making, and an eventual web of contacts spanning the DC universe.

Such a story would be truly epic. Watching Batman uncover a thread here or there; only for the thread to disappear. Lex would have to keep committing crimes while he planned, simply to keep up the charade of his “normal” behavior. Wild cards, like the Joker, couldn’t be excluded, because they’d blow the whole thing wide open when they found out. So, you’d have to find a motivation for that type of character to keep him on the hook.

Would Darkseid be involved? How would that work? What would motivate Darkseid to lower himself to the level of Captain Cold? How about Sinestro? Would the supernatural villains be interested to mix with someone like the Riddler? If this story worked, it’d be completely awesome!

That idea obviously has merit. But it would take some serious coordination among the DC writers. And honestly, there’s not a single editor at DC (let alone a team of editors) who are capable of wrangling all the writers.

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I actually think it should be a gold standard for how events work. It’s not an event about reading everything but about reading the characters you love and the series you already follow. The event part of it is only shown in post credit type scenes. It’s not a cash grab so much as establishing continuity. Of course City of Bane, Detective Comics, and Batman and the Outsiders happen at the same time so continuity is still relative BUT I find it much more interesting then most stories.

PLUS, it’s really about leading up to Crisis 2020 and all the pieces being set up in every series. “Everything you read from 2017 on will matter in a big way” Crisis 2020 is DEFINITELY Happening. Followed by a line wide reboot if I had to guess which is where Black batman comes in.

I think it’s great! It’s epic and has an excellent story. It’s massive, but one does not have to read all of the issues to follow the story.

YotV is spinning out of what’s happening in the Justice League book. It’s all tied up with Apex Lex, Perpetua, and Legion of Doom. If you’re caught up with JL is makes sense cause it also ties in with the new Justice/Doom War storyline. But the first part of YotV: ‘The Offer’ was a little weak. In some of the Books: ‘Dark Gifts’ has been better. Especially, Tecs! Lex offers Mr. Freeze (NO Spoilers, just in case ya not caught up) a gift that will definitely change everything for him! Excited to see how this plays out. Lex also offered Lois Lane a gift, not caught up with that one but could be good. :bat:

I cant afford all the crossovers can someone tell me what luthor gave what to who

Im waiting for the omnibus to drop to read it all

I’m not following it specifically. However, I follow Action Comics, Superman, and Wonder Woman, so I have those installments. I also followed Justice League up to the Annual #1.