Year of the Villain


I think the people that The Batman Who Laughs is going to infect are Shazam and Gordon (already revealed), Supergirl, Hawkman, Blue Beetle (Reyes), Donna Troy

I think this whole premise is going to infect my interest in reading DC’s current output…

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Not a fan of the Batman who laughs?

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Nope. But I’m a fan of plenty of things that other people don’t like, so don’t worry about me. :wink:

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That’s the great thing about comics! There’s something for everyone


I would rather read about Year of the Hero. This emphasis on the villain only continues to take DC further down the rabbit hole toward darkness, deceit, and deprivation. Way to grow the business with the younger audience (if they’re even there) DC. Since the “positive” restart of Rebirth, we have had Dark Metal, DCeased and now Year of the Villain. God, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but when does all this four-color depravity end?


Mayhaps Year of the Hero will be the follow-up to Year of the Villain?

Could be.


Year of the Villain is such an afterthought. DC was like oh no we need a summer event! What’s happening in all of the comics right now? Is there anything connecting them? Well all the heroes are fighting villains… let’s do that!

Year of the Villain isn’t making DC darker. It’s a random “event”. And there’s no way Scott Snyder’s Justice League isn’t building up to Justices triumphing over Doom. It may take a while but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t end with the heroes victories and their ideology reigning supreme.

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Has anyone read the CBR article that came out about the infected?