Year of the Villain Reading Order

Hi everyone! I have been collecting and reading all of the Year of the Villain comic books and I absolutely love it! Although, I’m having a little bit of trouble with the reading order for it. I have checked the Internet for a reading order and I have found multiple different lists. Does anyone know the official reading order? Thank you in advance!

Here are two different lists

There really isn’t a reading order because every issue is standalone.

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@piotroj is right. While the events have a similar idea, each series is best read by itself, but becomes more interesting the more titles that we read.

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I’m late to this party but as I’m going through Justice League books I see Year of the Villain on the horizon - was this ever resolved? Is there a complete reading list beyond what has already been provided?

I’d like to read them here on DCUniverse since I’m already paying for it and at this point I will be waiting for new issues to become available each week/month just as if I were reading it when it came out!

Yep! There is a reading order that I’ll attach in this message. Also, the Year of the Villain has not completely ended yet, we are “in the Endgame now” in Death Metal. Here is the reading order for:

Year of the Villain - DC Year of the Villain Reading Order (Scott Snyder Justice League)

The Infected (this definitely matters) - Year of the Villain: The Infected Reading Order (Batman Who Laughs!)

Death Metal - DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Death Metal crossover: full reading list explained - Polygon