Year of the Villain: DC Art of Your Favorite Villain

For the past year, we have been celebrating Year of the Villain here at DC and we figured we would bring it home to DCU.

While we will be having many different topics to celebrate this here in the Community, I wanted to draw attention to the beautiful artwork that has been created through the years of our favorite villains. Do you have a favorite piece of art from 2019, The Year of The Villain, that you want to share? Post it in the comments below! :harley_hv_1: :joker_hv_1:

When sharing, make sure to remember to give credit to the creator and, if possible, where the artwork is located. Please remember all artwork should be appropriate and DC Universe friendly.

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To start things off, my current favorite artwork is by Stjepan Sejic and is a panel from ‘Harleen’ #1.

In this panel we can see the beautiful Harleen Francis Quinzel walking serenely through the formidable gates of Arkham Asylum for the very first time. The shadow cast behind the good doctor shows the insane Queen of Mayhem she will eventually become.

Sejic captures this scene and Harleen’s innocence beautifully in this panel (in my honest opinion) and this image will be forever sketched in my mind.


This one from Batman #81 is great. Really shows Bane as the criminal overlord he is. Also has Flashpoint Batman so it’s even better.
Artist: John Romita Jr. & Mitch Gerads