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Hello everyone at the ole RR and welcome to August’s Damian Wayne session. We have left the N52 behind and before us lays Rebirth but in between the two was an inicative called DCYou. Robin: Son of Batman continues Damain’s story with a look into another part of the character’s past as a member of the League of Assassins with the Year of Blood. Let’s follow Damian on this look into his childhood and what he does in order to find atonement for the actions he took back then.

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Damian can’t resist Goliath’s cuteness.

What to Read

* Robin:Son of Batman #1-6 & 8-13

Discussion Questions

  1. The leader of the village says that Damian is not the same person he was the last time he had come there during the Year of Blood. Do you agree with his assessment?

  2. What did you think of the interactions between Maya Ducard and Damian? What about between Talia and Damian?

  3. Would you want a dragon bat like Goliath?

  4. Maya says the “R” stands for Redemption while Damian feels it stands for Ruin. Who do you think is right?

  5. What did you all think of the way Damian talked down Suren Darga?

Next month: Rebirth is upon us and Damian becomes a Teen Titan once again. Here’s the million dollar question though: Is Damian ready to be the leader the Teen Titans needs or will it blow up in his face again? Stay tuned to find out.


And here’s the Divergence Sneak Peak for this series: Comic Viewer


Year of Blood is probably my favorite Damian Wayne storyline of all time, because it balances his more unlikeable qualities with a lot of really strong appealing qualities, and is wrapped in a magnificent artistic package.


Thanks for linking that @AlexanderKnox. I had completely forgotten about the sneak peeks and I read them all at the time so I’ve no excuse.

It’s one of mine as well for the same reasons. That art was a joy to look at and it still is on the reread.


I have to say I really enjoyed this story.

  1. Yes, Damian is a different person when he returns. He is no longer a killer.
  2. I loved his interaction with Maya and especially when he asks for forgiveness. I think he is right not to trust Talia.
  3. While having a Goliath might be cool, I dont think I could feed him!
  4. I definitely think the R stands for redemption. He is trying to right the wrongs of his past.
  5. I was impressed how he was able to talk Suren down. He was speaking from the heart using lessons from his own life.

Cool! I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought you were going to stop the Damian look with the New 52 book, but I’m glad to see we’re not just getting this, but the Rebirth Teen Titans too! :smiley:

Dare I hope for some Super Sons action too?


For sure. It’s coming in October.