Yeah I'm done

I have been so underwhelmed with this app. I do enjoy having the movies and the shows but the comics are lacking big time. Idk about you guys, but I’m out after this month.

So disappointed…


Oh ok, laters


Take care


Later dude👋




Without being rude…he might be having an issue a lot of us are. I’m not so upset about the amount of comics as theres plenty to read…but I honestly am scared of starting a comic line and then having it disappear one day to the next.

I just started reading 1980 New Teen Titans and am at issue 7. I’m scared they’re gonna pull 1-20 (I read they will in a couple posts) and dont know if it’s true or not.

That is one big issue that I’ve run into with movies and a couple comics so far. And that absolutely sucks putting in the time and getting into a story arc … only to have what I was reading or watching pulled.

It’s now 12:30 and I have to work in the morning…but I am staying up to read New Teen Titans to hopefully avoid going through this again…and I/we really shouldn’t have to worry about this. Not like this…a couple week turnover time on what we can read or watch.

Hopefully that makes a bit better sense as opposed to "bye, Felicia "


They literally just added the whole first year of The New Teen Titans for premiere of the show. I doubt its going anywhere any time soon.


I definitely hope you’re right! And I would have assumed the same…but I’ve seen a couple posts in the community here saying an article has said 1 though 20 will only be up until the 15th. I haven’t found this myself and I haven’t seen a link to this article when I’ve asked. I’ll blame that on there not being an easy way to to back to find posts. And I’m a bit nervous just because there have been books taken off the service already.

Anyhow, I hope it’s not the case. As much as I want to power through all the issues, I dont know if I can reas through 13 comics by the 15th