Yeah... I was definitely new

She I wrote this I was really insecure about posting on the community :rofl: I decided to change it because it was embarrassing! I doubt anyone will see this, but just in case.


Don’t worry about that kind of thing. Heck, I’m terrified every time I give my opinion. If I make a mistake, I own it. Trust me, I make quite a few.


There’s literally no reason to apologize. You did nothing wrong, sorry if I or anyone made you feel that way. We should promote healthier discussion on here. There’s nothing wrong with having a differing opinions others. Stand out, be your own.


I’m with both BR & OL. The great thing about dc universe is the community, and in any community there will be passionate opinions and disagreements with different opinions. Open discourse among differing opinions is healthy for the community.

No need for an apology from my standpoint. Engaging with others, even those you disagree with, is a good thing.


Your post about CW’s Flash? I didn’t read anyone as offended. That’s the challenge of message board (and email), though, you can’t read tone.


I don’t see anything you have to apologise for I mean the way I see it if they’re offended that’s on them

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