"Y" (aka the Y: The Last Man TV show on F/X)

I was a clickin’ and a readin’ on the main DC site and read their write-up for the Y: The Last Man show (titled “Y”) that premieres on F/X next year. They also had an accompanying promotional image of someone walking down a dark street. I’m not familiar with anyone in the cast, however BKV is on-board as EP so that’s good.

I read pieces of the comic when it was current and enjoyed it greatly. With the show debuting next year, I might have to get more in-depth with its source material.

Are you a fan of Y: The Last Man that’s looking forward to Yorick’s televised adventures?


I’ll plan on it!

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Yup, it happening. Vertigo Comics is always overlooked.

I’d love to see Transmetropolitan get an adaptation of any kind. Live action, animated, whatever.

Anyway, I bet the Y series will be pretty cool. I wonder if the comics will make their way here by the time the show debuts. That’d be swell.