XXRAY, anyone?

Anybody collect the XXRAY vinyls from Mighty Jaxx? Sideshow has new 10" Superman and Wonder Woman figures on pre-order, that look pretty cool to my eyes. Thinking of pulling the trigger on Supes, but don’t have any experience with the line.


These are a hard pass for me. I don’t need to see the insides of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.

Fair point @Vroom. Can’t say the same thought didn’t cross my mind. They do look cool though, in a “what the heck is that?” kinda way. The quality of the sculpt and paint looks great in these preview pics, too…just don’t know if the actual product matches the pics. Maybe I’ll hit youtube.

They definitely have personality. I like that DC gets weird with their licenses.

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Aw man, these would be great for around Halloween!! I might have to pick some up for myself so I can change my statue shelf to more creepy/spoopy statues for holiday spirit


That picture of Superman reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie:

Mike: “Ew, I saw Cal’s pubic bone!”

The 'bots: “Ew, bleck!”

I can see the value these would have at Halloween, especially if you gussy 'em up a bit.

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I cant decide if thats cool or extremely disturbing?