XM Studios Supergirl

This was recently announced. It looks gorgeous. (Artist: Ruiz Burgos).

I have wanted one with a rocket base for some time, I am thinking maybe this is the one.

Does anyone have any experience with XM Studios? Good, Bad, Trustworthy, Responsible?


Great Rao are you serious right now

unaware of XM, but if that Kara and this 1/6 Diana is any indication, I soon will be

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Read a lot of good things about XM Studios. Folks on statue forums swear by their stuff. Definitely the most expensive 1/6 scale statues that I’ve come across. This one looks good…just can’t help but feel she looks a bit older than I picture Supergirl to be.

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I agree, she is definitely too old for the rocket landing, but I can headcanon it to be a dynamic scene, showing her journey as she bursts out from the rocket as a kid to becoming the adult Superhero we see at COIE or the CW Series.

Nice to hear that XM seems a good company. I might go for this one depending on how a colored version turns out.