WW: Bloodlines - DC Showcase's Death Short Is Worth The Price of the Whole DVD

Even when the direct-to-video DC animated features were appearing here on DCU day and date, I still preferred to purchase the Blu-Ray versions of them anyway. That’s partly because I want to continue to support these films and partly because I’m an old man who is still attached to his physical media. (It’s a collection, man!) But recently, it’s also been because of the bonus DC Showcase shorts that have been included on the disc.

Death - appearing on the Wonder Woman: Bloodlines release - is based on Neil Gaiman’s character from Sandman. It’s also hands-down the best short that WB/DC Animation have ever done, and compares quite favorably to even some of their feature-length films.

It’s amazing what they were able to accomplish in just a few minutes. Fantastic animation lifts a powerful story into the stratosphere. Fine voice work, keen direction and a haunting soundtrack complete what is to date, in my humble opinion, the best of DC’s shorts. It gave me all the feels.

I want to talk details, but I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone coming to it for the first time. Just know it’s worth the investment.

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Completely agree.