WTF happened Between Batman #63 and Batman #64



Batman went from what seemed to be having these intense halucinations in issue #63 to everything being all good all of a sudden inissue #64 and him investigating Sanctuary with Flash and having to all of a sudden reveal some madness about Gotham and Gotham Girl…

What happened to the thing about Bane being up to something nefarious in Arkham?

And what about the red eyed thing that Alfred said was Bruce’s dad?

Crossover with Heroes in Crisis


Knightmares will resume its story on issue 66 and finish at 69.

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Just all of a sudden Batman is lucid enough to go help Flash do some stuff just to slip back in to the hallucinations when they’re done?

You’re thinking of time as too linear my friend. Sometimes time doesn’t move in straight lines, it can be more wibbly wobbly. Plus if I’m not mistaken #60 ended on a cliff hanger and the “Knightmare” stories are just meant to be sort of like one shots with “The Price” right in the middle until the story resumes. I know there are people who aren’t fans of Kings Batman but I really enjoy the way he plays with story structure.

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I believe in the first issue of The Price is says something like “This takes place before the events of Batman #60” or something like that.

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Thank you!

I’ve really been enjoying Batman since I’ve been collecting again and I was all like “WTF?” It was as if they had just stopped the story all of a sudden and started a whole new one.

I think I understand now.

From what I understand, King basically asked for a month off to work on what he described as a “secret TV project,” so they basically got his previous collaborator Josh Williamson to handle one of the other plot points he was meaning to handle later, in the form of Gotham Girl.

I don’t understand why Gotham girl went into Arkham and is a villain now?

This is a HiC tie-in that crosses over with The Flash and doesn’t directly proceed the last few issues. Williamson did indeed take the full arc because King needed some time to work on his “secret TV project.” King also had Williamson take over Batman 22 when they did The Button, and as much as I love Tom’s work, I’d honestly rather Williamson be the one writing Flash-heavy stories. Dude REALLY knows his stuff and really knows his stuff when it comes to speedsters.