wow..... the tv Superboy

Anyone make it past the 3rd episode? I put in an effort.

I have seen every episode when they came on and revisited recently on youtube before dcu was created love the show graphics are another thing to talk about

Many feel the show kicks in at the middle of the second season-- specifically when Bizarro shows up. Others start watching at the start of season 3, with the first two seasons being a bit of a curiosity. The first ten episodes or so were produced SOLELY so that the Salkind family could attempt to retain the film and television rights to Superman-based characters-- with the corporate power of Viacom to protect them. Those half hour episodes cost around $190,000 apiece, or less. At the same time, and hour episode of Friday the 13th cost about $550,000, and Star Trek Generation about a $1,100,00. The math speaks here. The ratings were strong, and the budget of the show went up slowly without ever being exactly high.

Of course, a large number of people watched for four years simply because of Stacy Haiduk, and then later, another bunch watched for Gerard Christopher. And some people watched for both.


Back when this show was on, I only occasionally caught and episode or two now and then. It was not a strong draw, but I was half interested.

I have it on my list of things to get to, but have not started on the Superboy series yet. I think I will try to finish Lois and Clark first, and I still have not finished the first episode. I had started the episode but it ran longer than the time I had left to watch it, and I just have not gotten back to it yet. Not that it was terrible, just that that show was never a strong draw for me either.


I do notice a trend though. The less dark shows do not interest me all that much. The darker shows tend to grab my attention, even if I do not like the darkness. What’s up with that?


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I think the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Crew would have a tough time sitting through that one.


I loved it when it was on. It has definitely not aged well, but it is on par quality wise with a lot of syndicated shows at the time. Yeah if it aired today it would do horribly, but it did good at the time it aired. I enjoy watching it, largely for nostalgia but for what it is, it was an enjoyable show. It did feel a bit like 3 shows with the same loose continuity though. Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 & 4 were so different in tone and even big cast changes every time (with the exception of Stacy Haudik) that it really felt different all three times. Even Clark and Lana’s characters changed a lot from season to season.

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It picks up during season 2. Fun fact…David Nutter directed more episodes than anyone. It’s the show where he got his start. He is best known as the go to director of Game of Thrones. He also did the first episodes of Flash and Arrow and the upcoming Batwoman

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@DanTheMan1 Well, it kind of was 3 different shows, given changes in head writers and even line producers. Almost four, as the second season is highly divided in quality.


A. Bravo for an MST reference!

£. I think they could handle some of Superboy’s lesser episodes no sweat. I mean, they made it through Manos, The Giant Spider Invasion, Laserblast, two Joe Don Baker trainwrecks, two Colossal Beast flicks, a Tommy Kirk and Ron Howard starring disaster, Time Chasers, Monster A-Go-Go, Reptilicus, Mac and Me and a multitude of other cinematic garbage with no problems.

Under the Rifftrax brand, they endured the Vanilla Ice starring dumpster fire Cool as Ice.

A couple Superboy misfires are a Casual Day at the office for the fine folks of MST =)