Wouldn't it be amazing to have some new powers in DCUO

I would probably keep my Quantum Powers, but these would be awesome to see!

Tank Power
Flex, like plastic man to extend your arms at rows from a distance pummeling them. Morph your body into a wall absorbing attacks and shielding your group.

Control Power
Mind Control, recruit citizens like Quee Bee or Mad Hatter to do you bidding. Freeze enemies in place by locking them within their own mind like Scarecrow or lead them into trap them in puzzles like the Riddler.

Necromancy, resurrect the dead like Deadman traveling between the bodies of those you defeat to deal damage from multiple directions or phase between the realities of life and death by becoming a spector to avoid damage for a time.

Yes. It would be cool. Because now it’s just not entertaining no more unless they add a new power with a cool storyline