Would You Watch an Injustice: Gods Among Us Feature in DCAU?

I read all five years of Injustice over Quarantine, and then played the game finally, and it was the most exciting event DC’s had for a long time.

I’m curious why they haven’t made it an animated film yet?
DCAU would nail it.
After watching Apokolips War I’m convinced they had the idea and just didn’t follow through.
(Apokolips War was so dope. Such a dark story)
You think it’s a legal issue with the game?

Either way, I would watch that movie immediately after it comes out and then I’d force all my non-animated-watching friends to sit down and watch it with me because it was such a compelling comic series.

What do you think?

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I’d absolutely love it to be made into a movie (likely would have to be multiple bc of how many books there are). The story and idea is so great, and all the characters make it dynamic, creative, and can entice any fan. I hope they do eventually but it would probably be a big project to take on because of the magnitude of material between injustice and injustice 2.

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