Would you want to see DC acquire "Supernatural"?

So, now that the CW is done making new Supernatural seasons what would you guys think of Sam and Dean and all their Monster opponents joining the DC multi verse? They live in a multiverse where magic, angels, demons and all the classic monsters and urban myths exists and they have name dropped Batman in jokes.

Didn’t they crossover with Scooby Doo? I don’t see why not they could join DC. I wouldn’t want to see them in capes or anything, though.

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Yeah they did do a Scooby episode. It wasn’t one of my favorites but I see your point. I wasn’t thinking of changing their styles at all. Leave them be as hunters in flannel riding in a black impala or at least in a black muscle car with a trunk full of magical and non magical weapons including guns and grenade launchers that Dean has to continuously be told not to use yet. I would also let them keep the bunker full of magical knowledge and ingredients as a home base but that’s just me. I think Dean Winchester’s overall vibe screams DC. Both if them really but especially him. That may or may not be inflammed by Jensen Akles have voiced the Red Hood character in a very good feature but so what? IJS.