Would You See a JLD Live-Action Movie?

Like the title says, would you like to see it. I think it would be cool, and would appeal to fans of the magical community. People who like things like Harry Potter, and Doctor Strange would love a JLD movie. Who would they get for Constantine though, or Zatanna? I think Daisy Ridley would make a good Zatanna. I think Etrigan could be played by Andy Serkis (Because he is a master of cgi characters like Gollum, Caesar, and Snoke).

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I’ll see any DC movie, so yes.


I would definitely see it… And I’m in the Tiffany Smith as Zatanna club!

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Only if they get Daniel Craig to play John Constantine.

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Who could make a good Deadman though?
btw, would love it if they made another JLD animated movie. Maybe add Blue Devil and Fate to the roster.