would you recommend me some comics within the app?

I have read the NTT till currency (rotation-wise), some Nightwing, some batman and the Superman arcs by Geoff Johns. Pretty good.
Now I know too little to go on easily. Help?

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If you like Geoff Johns, the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA [2006] that is on here is also written by him.


If you want a great one-off Batman story, Penguin: Pain and Prejudice is actually really good.


Definitely Check out Wonder Woman (1986-). It has an amazing run by Greg Rucka issues 195-210 which is actually a pretty recent run. These are amazingly written and drawn comics and even someone who may not be that into WW will become a fan.


All the Doom Patrol they have is great!

The silver age stuff is absolutely bonkers in just the best way.

Paul Kupperberg’s revival from the 80s is an underrated gem of just really solid bronze-age superheroics, with plenty of action, intrigue and heart.

Grant Morrison’s subsequent run (of which they have the first 5 issues) is an absolute comic book masterpiece and one of the most innovative, influential and beautiful comics of all time.


Its the month of October maybe get in the mood with Batmans Long Halloween run im suprised they gave us the entire full run, a classic imo


Thanks guys.

DC universe rebirth, Crisis On Infinite Earths. I haven’t checked if it’s on here but Kingdom Come if u have never read it. The Batman/Superman and Superman/Batman one’s and even the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman one’s I thought were pretty good.

I didn’t check anybody else’s suggestions before I posted (luckily they’re all different) but all the suggestions on this page are great reads, all solid.

Manhunter!! A great and semi-short(ish) series