Would you Rather

Would you rather have Flash’s speed or Green Lantern’s power ring?
Would you rather have the ability to breathe underwater like Aquaman or fly in space like Superman?

Personally, I would choose Green Lantern’s power ring because you could create anything you could imagine with willpower. I would also pick the ability to breathe underwater. It would be so peaceful and beautiful in the ocean.

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Flash’s speed. I’m always complaining there aren’t enough hours in a day, and I think I’m too lazy to have that much will power going all the time.

And space flight for sure! Breathing underwater sounds great until you run into one of these


I’ll take my chances with Alien, tyvm.

Would you rather possess Diana’s lasso or Batman’s utility belt?


Diana’s lasso because it’s magic and a lie detector.

At first I was thing of picking the Lantern Ring but space would get boring alone. I’d pick Flash’s speed and see how long it takes to read every DC comic created.

Would you rather be a kryptonian or a newgod


New god for sure, they’re powers are untapped in some character’s.

Would you rather have a pint with constantine or some chocos with J’onn?


Pint with Constantine. That’d be an opportunity to hear some truly crazy stories.

Who would you rather be roommates with? Joker or Mad Hatter?


Well, in order…

  • Power ring has more practical uses even though the speed is more overpowered.
  • Neither is all that useful but the ocean is cold and full of fish crap.
  • While anybody who’s seen the “Name the Characters Best Fit for the Scenario” threads knows I love the Golden Lasso, the utility belt’s contents are also probably more useful on a day-to-day basis.
  • New Gods cover too wide a range of abilities and power levels. If you’re a Kryptonian, you know what to expect and it’s awesome.
  • I’ll take the chocos, please and thank you.
  • Either Joker or Mad Hatter would probably compare unfavorably to a cardboard box, but Mad Hatter is usually less homicidal, especially if you play along with his Alice in Wonderland obsession.

Would you rather try to commit a crime in Gotham or Metropolis?


I would choose the utility belt because you would have whatever you would need in any situation.


@bat4185113man probably my choice, too. And while using the lasso to find the truth would be tempting, I have a feeling in most cases ignorance is bliss…


Although I would not want to be with roommates with either, if I had to choose I would pick the Mad Hatter. The Joker is way to crazy. You would never know what he was going to do depending on his mood. The Mad Hatter is crazy too, but he is a little more predictable.


Would you rather spend a day with Batman or with Superman?

I would spend a day with Batman because 1. it would be fun to scale to rooftops and use the utility belt 2. you would solve crimes by using detective skills and 3. Batman is my favorite hero.


Batman is my favorite, too, but I would rather spend a day with Superman. His villains are a lot less scary and Batman is too judging.

For the others: Power ring. I think I’d be able to use that well straight out of the box, whereas with the speed powers it could take a lot of practice not to get people killed (anybody see The Boys?)

I would rather be able to go through space. I could always learn to scuba dive if I really wanted.

I’ll go with the utility belt if it’s coming pre-loaded. I think I would overuse the lasso, and the truth can be overrated.

I’ll go with Kryptonian.

I would rather eat the chocos. Hanging out with J’onn is less likely to get me killed. And he’d have good stories, too.

I would much rather live with the Mad Hatter. He’s more likely to mind control me into robbing a bank, but the Joker at some point is guaranteed to kill me. Or take my face or something fun like that.

I would rather commit a crime in Metropolis since there would be less broken bones. Then, again, I would probably have a better chance of getting away with it in Gotham, depending on what the crime was.


Space is much, MUCH colder.

Yeah but imagine having to continue that act EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s liable to drive any person insane!

Come on now, he’s Joker, not Professor Pyg.

Would you rather be blind but have super speed, or be deaf but have the ability to create earthquakes with a whisper?

That first one is tough… Flash’s speed.

For the second one, I have no reason at all to want to visit space so I’m going with under-water breathing.

(“Everyone says flight!”
“So they can fly away from this conversation?”
“No because heroes fly!”)

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If you can fly into deep space, you’d probably be able to fly down to the depths of the ocean as well

Seems like you’d run into a lot of things if you were blind. And do you get to talk normally or does every whisper create an earthquake?

You’ve got Green Lanterns powers. Would you rather be able to conjure anything, but only be able to conjure it once, or only be able to conjure a cartoon hammer, but you can conjure as many hammers as you want?

I would rather be able to conjure up anything, but only be able to conjure it up once. You would have more options, however, you would have to get extremely creative in order to never run out of ideas.
There is only a limited amount of situations where a hammer would actually be beneficial.

Would you rather be Batman or Green Arrow?

  • I feel like I’d be less of a bother to Batman. Superman moves around a lot faster, and there’s not really a Batmobile for me to wait patiently in while he does the dangerous stuff.
  • I’ll take blindness and super speed. More useful than creating earthquakes and I can still talk normally without blowing anything up.
  • Until such time as every problem begins to look like a nail, I’d rather have more than just a hammer.
  • Batman, no question.

Would you rather be within a mile of a fight between Superman and Doomsday, or within fifty feet of a fight between the Red Hood and Deadshot?

Red Hood and Deadshot. They’re both good enough at what they do that I’d assume I wouldnt be hit by accident so long as I took cover.

Would you rather spend a night babysitting Damian or working a night shift at Arkham?

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@CynicalPink Spend a night babysitting Damian; although you would probably end up with a headache. I believe Damian has a good heart underneath his ‘hard to let people in’ exterior. Also, the comics show his growth as a character over time.

I would rather be within fifty feet of a fight between Red Hood and Deadshot. Superman and Doomsday would destroy a lot more than a mile and it would be harder to stay out of the way.