Would you rather have the Wayne Family Fortune or have the superpower of your choice but be broke?

My friends and I were playing “Would you rather” and I thought it would be a fun thread here! Anyways, I would choose the Wayne Family Fortune. It’ll be awesome to have any power I wanted, but I could still be a superhero without powers. I could use the Wayne Family Fortune to build gadgets/weapons and hire the best fighters/trainers to train me. What would you all pick?


Superpower and be poor.

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Having a super power does sound mighty tempting, but…

…screw it. I’d roll for the Wayne Family Fortune and become a street-level vigilante if I could.

The Wayne Fortune. Put the money towards charities, food banks, orphanages, animal shelters, scientific and artistic advancements, societal improvements and the like.


@cruzxdavid.87477 what kind of superpower would you have?

@WildDog haha that was my reasoning too!

@Vroom would you use the Wayne Family Fortune to create gadgets and train to be a hero?

@WonderFlash, nope. I’d use it to truly benefit society and help out people. Set up foundations and the like.

I might take some new self defense classes, but that’s the only extent that I would use that money on myself.

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Give me that MONEY!

Seeing as I’m currently broke I think I’d take the fortune. I could actually do a lot of good with the money.

Wayne fortune lmao I’d prolly end up some type of Luthor with it tho but having a soft spot for kids haha

Well if u had superman powers…you could get a lot of government contracts thus becoming insanely rich and get the best of both worlds…unless the government wants to dissect you…hmmmm

If I had a super power I’d feel obligated to become a super hero. (Because with great power comes yada yada yada). I know I don’t have the stamina to be a super hero, so I’d rather take the money and chill. (and of course donate it to charities, invest in my community and yada yada yada)

Power thats what we want the money for anyway

SuperPower first, then the money, then the women :sweat_smile:

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Show me those Wayne bucks. Then I get my Batwing, Batmobile and Batboat

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I’d go with superpower of my choice. I’m already broke, and have been my whole life, so there’s nothing different there. I’d love to be able to heal people, which, when you think about it, I could charge those who are wealthy to heal them. So I could, technically, have the best of both worlds. But, in the end, being able to help others is more important to me than having money is.