Would You Rather: DC Edition

  1. Would you rather have Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, Donna Troy’s Lasso of persuasion, or Wonder Girl’s lightning lasso

  2. Would you rather have Batman or Superman protect you if you were being hunted

  3. Would you rather have super speed or super strength

  4. Would you rather spend a day with Clark Kent to see how his daily life is or with Bruce Wayne

  5. Would you rather live in Gotham, Metropolis, Central City or Themyscira

  6. Would you rather have 3 seasons of Titans and end Young Justice or 3 seasons of Young Justice and end Titans

  7. Would you rather be with the cast of Doom Patrol or Titans

  8. Would you rather have Bruce Wayne’s life for a day or Clark Kent’s

  9. Would you rather have Wonder Woman’s fight style or Superman’s

  10. Would you rather have Crazy Jane’s power or Rita’s power?

  1. Wonder Woman’s lasso. I don’t have many enemies, but a rope that compels people to tell the truth feels more useful.

  2. Superman. Because both would catch me but he’d be gentler.

  3. Super strength. Too many potential physics drawbacks to super speed.

  4. Bruce Wayne! Even when he inevitably takes off, at least he’ll leave me to my own devices somewhere glamorous.

  5. Central City seems the safest of the four, too far off the radar for major events and not the target of malicious gods.

  6. I’d take Young Justice over Titans, no questions asked. If it meant more Young Justice I’d cancel ANY original DC show on the slate so far.

  7. I’d rather be with the Titans cast, because I wanna meet writer Bryan Hill and geek out with him over The Question and Cassandra Cain.

  8. I’d much rather have Bruce’s life for a day. I’d let the other Gotham heroes handle crime fighting and enjoy 24 hours of luxury.

  9. Wonder Woman is a WAY more skilled fighter than Superman. Without the associated powers, her style would be much handier.

  10. Rita’s. Both would be kind of miserable but at least I’d continue to be myself.


I’ll play…

  1. Donna Troy’s lasso I guess. I have learned sometimes is it better to not know the truth and no idea what I would do with a lightning lasso.

2.Superman… maybe I am biased because he is my favorite. But it just feels like Superman would have slightly higher odds. Would trust both with my life though.

  1. Super Speed… I could literally spend my evenings ANYWHERE to hang out in a flash and still be back home in a matter of minutes… sounds fun.

  2. Clark Kent… most days Bruce Wayne just sits in Wayne Manor thinking about being Batman that night. Sounds dull, Clark’s live as Clark or Superman is definitely never dull.

  3. Metropolis… definitely not Gotham… why would ANYONE live there. Central City is not much different then Metropolis but Superman lives in Metropolis. And while living on an island full of hot girls sounds fun on paper, have a feeling it would not be what fantasies would like it to be.

  4. 3 seasons of Titans… I know most will pick Young Justice but the truth is I have not had time to catch up on Young Justice so haven’t seen season 3 yet. So since I watch Titans it wins by default. But based on the average reaction of people who have seen both have a feeling Young Justice will win in a landslide.

  5. The cast as in hang out with the actors? If so Doom Patrol… Brandon Fraser, Alan Tudyk, Diana Guerrero if nothing else I bet they could offer much more interesting stories about their experiences and career then the younger unknowns in Doom Patrol.

  6. Do I got to be a superhero or just their civilian life? Because Bruce hangs out with supermodels and rides in limo’s and has money to get whatever he wants… if I had to be them as a superhero too then Superman… what kid didn’t want to be Superman?

  7. Wonder Woman’s fight style… Wonder Woman fights like a badass

  8. Since Crazy Jane’s dominant personality herself has no powers, I am guessing her powers would come with multiple personalities. Jugling 64 people in my head does not seem fun at all. Rita’s powers are not glamorous, but hey at least I would be in control of my head.

  1. Lasso of Truth
  2. Superman
  3. Super Speed
  4. Clark Kent
  5. Metropolis
  6. Young Justice
  7. Titans
  8. Bruce Wayne
    9.Wonder Woman
  9. Rita
  1. Donna Troy’s lasso of persuasion. I have not read any comics with her lasso yet, but if she can persuade anyone to do anything, she can persuade them to tell the truth. As for lightning lasso, if Donna Troy’s lasso allows enemies to stop fighting, no power needed.
  2. Batman. If my hunter had a kryptonite pole arm, both Superman and I “face curtains”, but it is harder to find Batman’s weakness.
  3. Super Speed- Explanation: Flash (2014)
  4. Clark Kent- I like that he is meek.
  5. Gotham- If every place has their flaws and problems, I would rather be in the pinnacle of disaster, in hopes to make it better.
    6/7 Titans- The show is pretty cool and had my interest more than both Young Justice and Doom Patrol, respectively.
  6. Bruce Wayne- I think I could help more people as Bruce than Clark.
  7. Superman- He is more powerful than her.
  8. Crazy Jane- I’d rather not possibly receive the name “blob”.