Would you like to see a live action or cartoon justice league dark movie

Hey everyone would you like see a live action or cartoon justice league dark movie


As much as I’d love a live action I’d probably say animated. Simply b/c there’s no boundaries with where u can go in the animated universe. As well as, you’d never have to worry about your favorite characters being casted by someone u didn’t think resembled them or portrayed them inaccurately. Either way I’d be happy tho as JLD is one of my favorite teams.

I myself would prefer it live action show over a cartoon . Simple fact I live live action more

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There already is an animated Justice League Dark movie, so since that box is checked, I’d go for the live action adaptation.



Seriously, I would want an animated JL Dark series the most the a live action movie, simply because we have an animated movie already.

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JL Dark - Take my money! $$

I would be down to watch ANY adaption of this live or animated! :slight_smile:

The thing is, I believe that there is no good portrayal of Constantine. Like, where is the smoker? The heavy drinker? The one night stand guy who says “bloody hell”? I honestly felt I haven’t seen it and if JLD does get some kind of movie thing, then Constantine needs to be better portrayed.

@Comics_Wonder have you seen matt ryan in the role, he is perfect.

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Oops I read that as show not movie. For show I’d rather have animated. The movie is one of my favorites.

I’d love to see a JL Dark movie, but only if it covers a new story line. I’m really tired of seeing the same stories recycled and rebooted over and over. Justice League: War covered much the same story of the JL movie, and did it better.

It said cartoon so I thought u meant animated series my bad. So yes live action it would be. JLD is always a top my list of favorite DC animated movies.

There is already an animated JL:D movie?