Would You Like to See a Green Arrow or Firestorm Movie?

Hey everyone was wondering if you like to see a green arrow or a firestorm movie

Both, especially…well, both. I dig both characters alot.

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Green Arrow yes… Firestorm… sure… I love origin movies.

100% Firestorm, but only if it’s Jason and Ronnie. The god particle is one of my favorite graphic novels and I feel it would really play as a film. Firestorm has been in cartoons in the past & present, but Green Arrow already has his own show and an extended animated short. The version that was in Legends was not really like the character at all, lacking the trademark transmutation and phasing. Watch season 8 of Super-Friends or Justice League Action, and take that version and make it 3 times cooler. That’s Jason and Ronnie.

I’d be super down for both.