Would You Give Your Child Meta Powers?

I would let them decide you know if they want they have to live threw it

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I’d be giving myself some too hahahahaha erm excuse me.


For sure,who wouldn’t lol :+1:t4:


Presenting: A prompt answer! Now with gratuitous Birds of Prey cameos!

(This wasn’t originally intended to map to any particular continuity, but for consistency’s sake, I wrote it as sort of diverging from Post-Crisis continuity sometime between Infinite and Final Crisis.)

(Also, I went above the word limit. Sorry about that. The action scenes took up more page space than I expected.)

He shuddered as he felt his molecules being reassembled by the JLA Teleporter Network. He’d never get used to that. What was so bad about good old planes, trains, and automobiles?

It looked like nobody had destroyed the house while he was away, so that was a good start. One could never be too careful in Star City. As he approached the humble edifice, a woman with long blonde hair stepped out of the front door to meet him.

“Dinah!” he called to her, “Thanks for watching her. The regular sitter’s out of town and with the Titans asking me for help on short notice, I wasn’t sure who else to ask.”

“It’s no trouble at all, Roy,” Dinah replied, “I’m always happy to see Lian… but there’s something we need to talk about.”

Roy furrowed his brow.

“Is something wrong?”

“Well… yes. Lian… threw a truck.”

“That’s weird. She’s never acted out like that bef-”

“No, Roy. Not a toy truck. A truck.”

The two stared at each other for a moment before Roy broke the silence.

“Son of a-”

As the turbulence shook the plane, Roy thought that it really would’ve been more efficient to use the JLA Teleporter Network. It was the twenty-first century, for crying out loud! Who rode a plane anymore?

“Drop zone’s about five minutes out,” said the pilot over the plane’s intercom.

Roy grabbed his bow from the seat next to him and stepped over to the cabinet where the parachutes were stored.

“Digging up an international assassin’s hit list isn’t easy,” a modulated voice added over his earpiece, “I had to blackmail at least six corrupt dignitaries and hack into the central databases of eleven intelligence agencies. I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Roy gritted his teeth as he strapped on his parachute.

“I damn well better,” he grunted, “Thanks for the lift, by the way.”

“Any friend of Dinah’s is a friend of mine,” the modulated voice replied.

“And heck,” added the pilot, “If you’re friends with the Skipper, you might as well be my brother!”

“I’m friends with a lot of people all of a sudden,” said Roy dryly.

“Well, you’re about to get real friendly with the ground if you don’t get that ‘chute on in the next sixty seconds.”

“It’s on! It’s on!” Roy called back.

“Then get off my plane!”

Not one to disobey an order like that, Roy turned to face the cargo door as it dropped open and charged out into the biting wind. After tumbling through the cloud cover, he emerged into a starlit night in the Swiss Alps. He went spread eagle, slowing his descent slightly, and squinted at the mountainside beneath him.

As he approached, he spotted the large cabin, home-away-from-home for Guillermo Torres, a Santa Priscan general exiled after Bane’s takeover. Torres claimed to be the leader of Santa Prisca’s legitimate government in exile, while Bane and his followers accused him of war crimes and demanded his extradition. According to Oracle’s information, certain members of Bane’s faction had taken matters in their own hands and hired an independent contractor to end the standoff by eliminating Torres.

Roy pulled the cord on his chute, bracing himself against the sudden slow to a drift. His lip quirked in mild amusement at the idea that he was seeing snowfall from a snowflake’s perspective.

His mood soured as he focused back in on his mission, pulling a pair of binoculars from his belt to look through Torres’ window. Sure enough, the old general, flanked by a pair of bodyguards, was just sitting down to dinner. There didn’t appear to be anything amiss.

“Wait a minute,” Roy muttered to himself, inaudible over the howl of the wind, “The food!”

He had no time to lose. He hurled the binoculars aside and tore his bow and an arrow loose from his quiver, mounted beneath the parachute. At this range, he gave himself at best a 60% chance of even hitting the window, but if he’d chosen the right arrow, that would be all he’d need to do.

He took a deep breath and let the arrow fly. Out it flew, arcing wildly in the wind. Then, a miniature eternity after he’d loosed it, the arrow found its mark, shattering the glass of the window. The flashbang embedded in its head ignited, sending the three tiny figures inside scattering, the (almost certainly poisoned) food left untouched.

Roy curled into a ball as he drifted to the wall and dove through the now-open window. He ripped off the parachute harness as he spilled out onto the table. He’d expected resistance from the general’s guards, but it seemed his own target had already made her move. The general was cowering in a corner, shielded by one of his guards. The other guard was lying dead under the feet of a tall, raven-haired woman in green robes.


A voice in the back of Roy’s head reminded him how beautiful Jade was, even now. He reminded that voice that she was a stone-cold psychopath as he drew an arrow.

Jade looked over her shoulder as he entered. The remaining guard took the opportunity to take aim at her. Roy hated to help her, but he wasn’t going to let anyone kill her until he had some answers. He loosed the arrow, striking the guard’s gun and knocking it out of his hand. Jade whirled, scratching the guard with her poisoned nails before Roy had a chance to react.

Roy leapt forward, hooking Jade’s throat with his bow and pulling her back. It was too late for the bodyguard, who stumbled to the floor, leaving only the general alive. Jade reached back, wrapping both hands around Roy’s head. She pushed him backwards onto the table, loosening his grip and allowing her to slip free of the bow. Roy responded with a spinning kick towards her head while she was low to the ground, but she was faster, bounding up onto the table before Roy’s kick could connect.

Roy saw movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see the general standing up with his guard’s handgun. Roy needed to get him out of the fight quickly. It was time for the old standby: the boxing glove arrow.

Roy found himself too slow again, as a different projectile found its home in the general’s eye socket; on closer inspection it was the general’s own dinner knife.

Roy relaxed, hanging the boxing glove arrow next to his side, and turned to face Jade. She’d already dropped to a cross-legged position atop the table.

“You know you can be a real pain sometimes, Harper?”

“I’m not in the mood for games, Jade,” Roy snapped, “You’re coming with me.”

Cheshire just sat there grinning like her namesake as Roy wiped the sweat off his brow and neck.

“Where?” she asked, “Outside?”

Roy looked down at his hand. The red steaks across it told him that not all of the sweat was sweat.

“I wouldn’t recommend it,” Cheshire said, “The nail I scratched you with was coated in a slow-acting toxin that acts a whole lot faster in low temperatures. Not lethal, but the hypothermia might be.”

Roy bit his lip. He should have expected this.

“Fine, then we’ll talk here,” he said, “What did you do?”

“Throw a dinner knife into a guy’s head,” she said proudly, “Or are we talking about a different deed?”

“Lian, Jade. She’s a metahuman. Neither of us is, and no, I won’t believe it’s a coincidence.”

“Oh, that old thing,” Jade replied with a shrug, “I had that done while I was pregnant. It’s not even that expensive if you know where to look.”

“Why, Jade?” Roy pressed, “What was the point?”

“Point?” she asked incredulously, “Roy, she’s bulletproof. Now neither of us has to worry about her ever again.”

“Listen to yourself, Jade!” said Roy, “Did being bulletproof save Superman? Did it save Donna?”

“You realize both of them are alive, right?”

“You’re deliberately missing the point. This is what happens to metas. They fight each other until they die.”

“That’s awfully prejudiced of you, don’t you think? Really, I’d expect a patronizing lecture about how she’ll choose her own path or something similarly inane.”

“Can’t you even take this seriously?!” Roy yelled, “Now our daughter is never going to have a normal life! We- I can’t- I can’t save her from… being like us.”

Roy fell to his knees, arms hanging limp at his sides and bow and arrow lying loosely in his hands. Jade cocked her head to one side.

“Well, that’s very tragic, but it looks like you’re finally losing motor control, so I’m going to skip out,” she said cheerily, “It’s been fun, Roy; we should do this more often.”

Jade spun around and rose to her feet, ready to dive out the window. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t fast enough. Roy snapped to life, nocking and shooting the boxing glove arrow. It struck Jade directly in the head and she fell limp against the wall.

“How did you…” Jade managed to mumble as Roy walked over to her and tied her hands and feet.

“My source figured out which toxins you bought ingredients for right after accepting this contract. I took the antidote to the one you hit me with an hour ago,” Roy explained, “And the only thing Lian needs to be protected from is you.”

He dragged her out into the snow.

“Harper to Aerie-One,” Roy said into his earpiece, “The package is secure and I’m on my way to the pickup.”

“You got it, Harper. See you there.”

“That was fast,” Oracle’s modulated voice chimed in again, “Any hitches?”

“Not really,” Roy said, “Just something to think about.”


Yes, but only in an accidental explosion caused by an experiment gone wrong that causes them to hate me!

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I’d give my kid the powers of element man. Now make me gold!

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Aww, so many submissions, but so few scenes shared, guys! What in the world… don’t make me have to ask @Harleys Puddin to get the crowbar and stand guard. :wink:

As for your scene, no worries, @BatJamags, thanks for sharing with us! I’m really liking the idea of nails coated in slow-acting toxin - how sinister… but genius. >,< Always curious about the motivation behind the community’s submissions - what made you decide on where you ultimately chose to go with your plot?

@CastleAlec, that’s quite the requirement - and, to be honest, I’d love to see a scene playing that out. :stuck_out_tongue:
@Snafuoon, ohh, if only! That’s a good one!

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Well, the obvious plot would’ve been a parent struggling with the decision, but Young Justice already did that, so I was thinking about what other conflict might come out of the decision.

I’m not sure what specifically made me think of Roy, Cheshire, and Lian, but as soon as I came up with the idea, I got really excited to write it. It’s definitely something Cheshire would do (not that I actually think it’s a bad thing necessarily - I think I would give my kid powers) and it played into Roy’s various insecurities interestingly, so bam, drama.

Initially, it was just going to be a longer version of the scene with Roy and Dinah, but I wanted the personal confrontation. It made sense that Dinah would call in Oracle to help track down Cheshire, hence the Birds of Prey stuff (especially since that’s my favorite series, so I couldn’t resist).