Would You Give Your Child Meta Powers?

Happy Friday, all!

Today’s question is: To be or not to be? Meta, that is. You see, in preparation for tomorrow’s Saturday Evening Cartoons WAL, we must admit that last week’s episode of Young Justice: Outsiders left us a little curious. Spoiler Alert warning!

For those up-to-date on Episode 21, after discussing the idea of having a metahuman child, Karen and Malcolm gave birth to a beautiful bundle of joy, but it was discovered shortly after that their baby had a heart defect. After taking things in her own hands to repair the problem, Bumblebee considers doing a little “more” to give the newborn an edge, and although we don’t know what she chooses to do, she afterward says of the decision made, that she did the right thing for their daughter.

What we want to know is… what would you have chosen in that situation? And in either case, what would you want want your child’s meta powers to be if they had them? Once you decide, for this week’s Fan Creation Frid ay, come up with a scene that shows, rather than tells, what their abilities would be!

RULES: In addition to abiding by the Forum Guidelines, our word limit for the week is 1,000 words.


Id have given my child meta abilities


Hey @brandonharris1368.56889, any ability/abilities in particular strike your fancy? :slight_smile:

Raven hadn’t been feeling well
and Reluctantly went to Cyborg for advice.

“So what are your symptoms, Raven?”

“In the morning, I feel sick and other times, I have cravings for strange food. I’ve even eaten Gar’s tofu. It’s disgusting yet I keep eating it.”

“Let me do some blood tests and see what the results are.”

“I hope it’s just stomach flu.”

The next day, Cyborg had a serious look on his face as Raven came back.for her results.

“The results were … unexpected. I’d like you to take a sonagram,” said Cyborg.

Raven griped her hands on the chair. “Why?”

“Just to make sure the diagnosis is correct.”

Cyborg had Raven lie down on the examination table. He applied ointment on Raven’s stomach and brought the sonogram equipment near.

“As the test predicted. See that small object over there?”

“Is it a tumor? By Trigon, do I have cancer?”

"No, Raven, Congratulations! You are pregnant.


A few minutes later, a sheepish (really) Beast Boy, his face red, entered the examination room.

“Wow, I am going to be a father, that’s crash.”

Raven was in tears. Years of being married to Beast Boy flashed before her eyes. “How could this be? I am a half breed, part human, part demon. I should be sterile.”

“I have a theory on that. I’ve examined Beast Boy’s DNA in the past. As a shapeshifter, it is extremely adaptable, very virile.”

Beast Boy beamed.

“Stop crying, Rav, I am going to step up, be a good father and husband.”

Raven sobbed heavily.


Six months later, Raven had a boy.

He was green. Despite herself, she held the baby tenderly.


When Victor Logan was three years old, Raven couldn’t find him anywhere. Then she heard a noise in a cabinet.

She opened it. There was a green squirrel inside.



When Vic was six year old, his father was babysitting him.

Logan heard several noises, then a particularly loud one. He raced to Vic’s room.

Vic was not in animal form, yet flying anyway. HIs toys were in the air as well.

He called his wife on his cell. “RAVEN!”

“Why are you shouting? Did anything happen to Victor?”

“No, Rav, It’s just he has both our powers.”

Raven immediately teleported home and hugged their son.


I would try to give myself meta powers if I could!


I would give them super speed


@TurokSonOfStone1950, awww, that’s delightful! Glad that by the end, Raven had eased up on all the screaming, instead sharing that bit of auditory wealth. There was much to go around, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue: What made you choose to focus on those two?

@AlleyWood271 - Can understand why! Any idea what power you’d like most?

@piotroj - Nice choice! Think they’d end up using it for good… or evil? :wink:


Also wanted to give a quick reminder, everyone: please note that this week’s prompt doesn’t just feature a question, but a scene request, as well - we’re just as excited to see you show us your chosen abilities via a narrative, as we are to hear your answers… :slight_smile:


I was originally going to do a couple of male and female super heroes whose testing of the unborn child indicated had NO super powers. The female was Power Girl. I couldn’t find an appropriate male partner. She had flirted with Batman and Mr Terrific who had no super powers.

So I went with a plot point from the superb fan fiction

8 Years Later
by the great TheForcelsStrongWithThisOne,

who occasionally posts here when Raven and Beast Boy are mentioned.

8 years later occurs when the Titans have been disbanded and Beast Boy comes back to Jump City to teach.

Raven has not left.


There is a wild adventure with the All the TV animation Titans,the various colored Ravens with different personalities in her magic mirror, all of the Bat Family, The Doom Patrol, The Brotherhood of Evil, Deathstroke, Ravenger, the Green Lanterns, the Justice League, Lex Luthor, Starfire’s world, daughter and sister, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Red Artow, a worldwide plague only PHD Gar can stop, etc. But there is also romance as we want these two to come together so much. Raven is so lonely and Gar gives her her first kiss. There are also two other main married Titans couples. The payoffs are incredible and we get to see Gar and Raven and their (large) family twenty years into the future.

It worth it just to see Raven hover over snow and use her telekinesis to put the groceries away.

It gives you the warm fuzzies.

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Link to 8 Years Later


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Yes, I would have. Merely because then they have the choice to use it if they need to. Obviously, it’s dangerous, BUT I would rather them have an advantage than none.

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Of course I would give my child meta powers!!!

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I would

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Only if it had no effect on the quantity of solids in the diapers or the olfactory effect of those solids.

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Yes I would! You have to contribute in this world. Eat or be eaten!

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No. I don’t want to say more. No.

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No I would train him or her to be the next Batman.


100% 110% no cap


Nicely done, TurokSonOfStone1950

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Yeah. It’s almost unbelievable so stop progress and many are getting left behind after the introduction of metas