Would WB Want Ryan Reynolds To Cameo In The Green Lantern Series

So I’m sure we’ve all seen how much Ryan Reynolds likes to clown on his Green Lantern role and the movie. With the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern series do you think WB would want Reynolds to cameo as Hal at any point? Or the opposite, do you think Reynolds would reach out and want a cameo in the series?

Would you as DC fans want him to make any type of appearance during the series or just let his time as GL be forgotten entirely?


I don’t think so. He’s given the role enough grief over the years. I think WB will want a clean slate. You never know tho.


I think it could be interesting if they did the same thing as brandon routh as Superman. Maybe give him a cameo but as Alan Scott.


Personally, I enjoyed the GL film, even with its flaws. I don’t think either party wants a cameo though. It would either be too comical for what will hopefully be a serious take or bring too much negativity to the project before it gets established. I would have loved a sequel with the set-up for Sinestro turning, but the time has passed. Best to keep the past out and let this be its own product.


Green Lantern was an alright movie. It’s not as bad as everyone says but it also doesn’t set the world on fire, either. The fact that he keeps joking on the movie causes me to tune out on anything Reynolds/Green Lantern related. It was cute at first, showing he had a good sense of humor about everything, but he keeps running with it. Dude, we get it!


Why not, he still has his ring.

No. He is not Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan is smarter and would utterly destroy Ryan Reynold’s “spoof”. Actual Hal Jordan is mission-oriented, not yammer-oriented.

It’s just my opinion but I have a feeling they’re going to want to distance themselves as far from the movie as they possible can. Although if it goes on long enough, it would be funny to have him in a crowd scene as one of a horde of Black Lanterns rising from their graves.

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Actually, Ryan Reynolds portal of Hal was pretty close to spot on. I know a bunch of fighter pilots, from my time in the Navy and 99% of them do act like the way Reynolds did.
As far as the giving up on himself, that part is not seen in the pilots I know but doesnt mean it couldn’t be.

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As Hal? 1000% not gonna happen, especially since Hal is likely going to be a main character in it.

I could MAYBE see him coming back as Martin Jordan, Hal’s father, but that still feels a little unlikely.

What comic is Ryan Reynold’s version very similar to?

I never said comic I said actual real life fighter pilots.
Besides I know plenty of comics where Hal is a cocky showboat. (Which is a real life pilot)

I may have misinterpreted. I saw your comment of Ryan Reynolds being pretty close to Hal and assumed you meant comic Hal, not some other medium. A lot of modern fighter pilots may be cocky, but the 60s comic version of Hal was mostly respectable and driven.

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I mean if Ryan Reynolds cameos as himself, I’m ok with that. Just not as a Green Lantern. Or he can voice a cgi GL character as a cameo. I’d be ok with that.

Looks like this may be relevant again as some scoopers are saying he may return in the Snyder cut as GL

Is there a link for this? The only place I’m seeing this is We Got This Covered, and they are not a reliable source, known for making things up which is a big no no in reporting.

I’m referring to Grace Randolph who I haven’t followed till recently but since I’ve been following her she’s been accurate on everything she’s said, but I don’t know her track record before that.

This was her thread about it today.




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She can be fifty-fifty but is a MUCH more reliable source than We Got This Covered

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When you turn against and attack DC for bad CGI, then he doesn’t deserve it.

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