Would love to see a "Steel" series that takes place in the titans/doom patrol universe

I would love too see a “Steel” series that takes place in the titans/doom patrol universe. Have Hawk cross over on to the show helping John Henry fight crime on the streets. I can see the sledge hammer fight scenes in my head right now.


There’s no such thing as the “Titans/Doom Patrol universe”.

The two series are not and have never been connected.

Doom Patrol did spin off from Titans. But that’s beside the point, anyway.

I can see your idea in my head now, too, @amirsramjitsingh122.63706! I was never a big fan of Steel in the comics, but as a gritty street-level crimefighter, that’d be awesome!

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Although Doom Patrol definitely spun off from Titans, they’ve officially said that the Titans and Doom Patrol series take place in different universes. That said, there is clearly a Doom Patrol in the Titans universe. But I get what you mean. A live action Steel could be enjoyable, if done well.


That sounds pretty awesome, I would love to see Superboy and Krypto from Titans crossover into that show if possible if it did happen, but I am not opposed to a Hawk Cameo here or there. As for villains maybe the White Rabbit(Metropolis Arms Dealer) as it was Reign of Superman and Return of Superman arcs, at least for the first season- and have allusions to use of toastmasters (new guns) being sold on the street as part of that arc.

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This is a misconception based on original intent that pretty quickly shifted.

Conceptually, Doom Patrol the Series began its life as a spinoff of Titans, but when Jeremy Carver came to actually develop the show, he quickly moved away from that idea and the series became completely disassociated from Titans despite the two shows sharing actors due to the existence of Titans’ Doom Patrol episode.

I like this idea. Maybe do something like Superman:TAS episode Heavy Metal, except make it a whole season arc.

I think it would be more likely for Steel to be a character on the upcoming CW Superman series.

It is not a misconception.

Doom Patrol spun off from the Titans. The fact that they later made the decision to shift it to it’s own timeline doesn’t change that fact.

Honestly I think it’d be nice if all the DC Universe Original Live action shows stayed in their own universe but kept the actors from the other shows like they did with the Titans Doom Patrol episode. Like a Steel series with an occasional Hawk cameo would be really cool, but preferably in it’s own universe so they can do what they want with the characters without having to worry about continuity.

It is a misconception because the series were NEVER connected… EVER.

April Bowlby revealed this in an interview just BEFORE Doom Patrol launched, and showrunner Jeremy Carver and Berlanti Productions stalwart EP Sarah Shechter confirmed said revelation shortly AFTER it launched.

It is not a misconception because it started off as a spin-off. I literally quoted you directly saying so.

You’re trying to judge the status of the Doom Patrol series as it was released based on a concept that was abandoned and therefore has zero relevance whatsoever to it.

When Jeremy Carver decided that the Doom Patrol series would not in fact be connected to Titans (which happened after the “Doom Patrol” episode of Titans had been filmed but while the scripts for the first season of the DP series were still being written and roles were still being cast), the original plans for said series became irrelevant.

All I said was that the series started off as a spin-off, then was changed to be its own thing. Why do you feel the need to correct me? We don’t actually disagree.


The wording you’re using didn’t reflect that, though.