Would Anyone Else Qant Kevin Conroy as Old Man Bruce in a Live Action Batman Beyond?

Kevin Conroy will always be BATMAN to me. He has the iconic voice from my childhood. With makeup he could be easily turned into old man bruce in a Batman beyond movie. Am I alone in wanting a his or do you think this would be AWESOME?


I think that would be super. What better way to introduce Terry Mcginnis then with the Batman as his mentor.


when I read batman comics I always hear kevin conroys voice


I always liked the idea of Keaton being old Bruce in a live action Batman Beyond


I think there’s 3 really good choices for who can play an old Bruce Wayne in a live action Batman Beyond movie.

  1. Michael Keaton (right age, would make sense, fan service)
  2. Kevin Conroy (right age, deep cut fan service that not many would understand)
  3. Ben Affleck (would be a somewhat proper farewell to a really good and highly under utilized Batman who wouldn’t have to get swoll and dress up)

I would love to see Michael Keaton as old Bruce Wayne and David Mazouz as Terry Mcginnis/Batman.

anyone who wouldn’t understand kevin conroy as batman need to use the internet for the first time lol

Kevin Conroy in anything…I’m in!!!

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Just saw Kevin Conroy on Instagram Live doing a reading of Batman the Adventures Continue #1. He’s still got it. Would Love to see him as old man Bruce in a Batman Beyond movie.

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