Would a Lobo movie be good?

i have done some thought about movies I would like to see, I decided Lobo would be one of them. Although I don’t think it would be very good.
So I ask you: Would you want a Lobo movie?

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I am NOT a fan. I see him as a one-joke character, and it’s a pretty lousy joke.

The original Lobo character (as presented by Keith Giffen) had some depth. But as he evolved into an over the top brutal killing machine, it got kind of tiring.

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Lobo is sustainable as a character for 22 minutes of an animated cartoon. 2+ hours of Lobo is a disaster waiting to happen.

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I’m not a fan of Lobo, and I don’t think the character is interesting or complex enough to work for more than 15 minutes, let alone a full movie.


Any character could have a good movie with the right people working on it. Some like Lobo are just harder to get right.


Not unless @Vroom was writing it.

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Although @vroom is a nice person I personally think someone professional or someone who has written a superhero movie before. Lobo isn’t a complex character, and if they get it wrong it could be detrimental to the ratings.

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Every DC character/property/franchise has the potential to be adapted into a good (or better) movie.

Its easier said than done (to put it mildly), but the keys to making a good movie (regardless of what its based on) are that you need an interesting story populated with well developed characters, as well as people in front of and behind the cameras who get and, perhaps most importantly, genuinely care about what you’re going for with the movie and want to do their best to see it succeed to the absolute zenith that it can.

@Anonymousbluebeetle I am a professional writer. A freelance professional to be precise. Thanks for saying I’m nice. So are you :slight_smile:

@Batwing52 Thanks :slight_smile:

Lastly, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (leader of The Losers, The Comedian in Watchmen, DCEU Thomas Wayne) seems to think a Lobo movie would work as he’s expressed interest in playing him. I could see him sinking his teeth into a good Lobo script and having a wicked good time as The Main Man.


@Vroom thanks for the friendly advisement

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Having given this some thought, a Lobo origin story could have some legs. I’m not sure Lobo as a character is that sustainable. But, how Lobo became Lobo is a story no t many people know. Kinda feel the same way about Bane. Most villain/anti heroes, their best story is how they got that way. What drove them to make that choice.

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@Anonymousbluebeetle You’re welcome.

Here…have a fat free yogurt (Animaniacs reference) :slight_smile:

I do NOT see Lobo as a lead character.

Although I love Lobo, I can only wrap my mind around same as a supporting character. Just too hard to find stakes for someone that can’t die, heals from any wound, and forms no attachments. An origin story might work, but him committing genocide on his home planet is a hard sell. That being said, if they make it I watch it.

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Wolverine and Deadpool can’t die, they heal from anything and don’t have attachment to many people, but most fans felt they each have at least one good movie to their credit (not counting the X-Men movies in Wolvie’s case, moreso his solo movies).

Deadpool was received well and made alot of money (and people thought he wouldn’t work in a movie) , so if The Merc with A Mouth can do it, so too can The Main Man.


Lobo is such a horrible character

Wolverine dies in several different series.

I think it could work it could working in many ways. A straight out crazy comedy or a traffic serious comedy. But I do agree with the origin movie thing. I feel it could introduce him to a lot of people that way. So I’m not against it.
But he does feel more of a supporting character but who knows. Sometimes the most unlikely of ideas can come out amazing.

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I say YES. I’m a die hard Lobo fan and I say yes. They made Hellboy. Shit, the movie even has fans. Fans, I tell you! Deadpool got his own movie and I think he falls short compared to Lobo. Think Lobo from the Superman animated series…add a little origin, make it darker, but keep the comedy. He’s indestructible. Even if you already know that he’s going to save the day (indirectly) by completing his bounty, a good writer would keep us glued to the seats to find out how. It’s the Main Man for crying out loud. Show some hog lovin’ loser gunnin’ fraggin’ respect to the galaxy’s best galactic bounty hunter.

Superman: Who are you?

Lobo: I’m sorry. My card - [punches Superman in the face]

This movie just HAS to be done right, BUT it could and should be done.