Would a Gay Kryptonian Be Affected by Pink Kryptonite?

This is a pretty absurd question, I know, but i’m wondering what other’s thoughts may be. I personally think a gay kryptonian under the influence of pink kryptonite would have heterosexual impulses, but that’s just my opinion.

At the same time, I wonder if sexuality was ever a social construct on Krypton, or if it was more or less obsolete. Did heterosexuality or homosexuality exist on Krypton, or was it mere attraction regardless of gender? I think about this with all the aliens in the DCEU (like Martian Manhunter, Starfire, etc.).

The DC Universe is so expansive with so many fine details encompassing each character and their origins, so things such as social norms on alien planets is intriguing to me. Even on different Earth’s. Are there any societal discrepancies on, say, Earth-1 in comparison to Earth-33 that haven’t been addressed?

All in all, I’m just wondering if pink kryptonite is truly as useless as it appears. If you consider sexuality a social construct (which it is), theoretically, pink kryptonite should not work or exist.

It’s incredibly useless as I’m sure everyone believes, but it’s still fun to consider any “what ifs?” regarding silly universe elements such as PK.

I make this post with no serious intentions; this is more-so just food for thought and pure fun.


Ok…so let’s say that the Kryptonians are frogs. And kryptonite is the chemicals they put in the water.



The idea that pink kryptonite changes one’s sexual orientation is a concept that mainly exists outside of official channels. There’s a frankly rather insensitive single issue which insinuates this, specifically 2003’s Supergirl #79 written by Peter David, which has Superman- in one panel- adopt certain character traits stereotypically associated with the gay community, such as an appreciation for interior decorating. It’s been ignored by all comic writers since then, rightly written off as a one-off gag.

Pink kryptonite does appear again in a Justice League Action short years later, but the effect is changed: this time, exposure to pink Kryptonite induces a temporary sex change, transforming Superman into Superwoman.


I think it would just make the kryptonian act “more gay” (I hate that that’s a thing btw. Why are there so many stereotypes about the LGBTQIA+ community that DC conforms to?)


I’m not a big superman fan so I’ve never heard of pink kryptonite until just now. Which is interesting cuase I’m gay and idk how it could make me gayer if I was krytonian. I think it would just make them the stereotype of what hetero is?


What I meant is like more following what society thinks is “gay”. So like guys wearing skirts or earrings or stuff like that.

I personally despise those stereotypes and stuff, which is why I hate that DC conforms to those assumptions.


Yea so like it would make me want to drink Budweiser and only want to talk about the latest Sports game lmao


I agree. The stereotypes that make something “gay” or that commonly characterize anyone who is homosexual is merely a social construct. It’s pretty stupid of DC to even create PK in the first place. Maybe it was more of a gag than an actual element to be taken seriously, but they should know that the fans don’t take anything with a grain of salt…which is why i’m speculating how exactly PK could work in a manner that makes sense.

They should honestly just rebrand PK to something more believable, like it makes a kryptonian feel an overwhelming amount of empathy which would make them struggle to harm a villain.


I would think it would either just be a sex change (i.e. Superman to Superwoman as mentioned above) or would just enhance existing desires (like red amps up irritation to rage). The sex change may come with some different expressions of emotion because levels of estrogen and testosterone have shifted, and writers could want it to act differently than just a transplanted consciousness/body swap. I still think this would more enhance the expression of existing emotions than completely change them though. For example, if the kryptonian gets a nice gift, they might roar a victory shout or burst into happy tears, instead of their normal, likely more subdued, response. Perhaps they’ll feel less/more/different inhibitions or pressures due to traditional gender roles of their society, if they inhabit the other form. This could be expressed as admitting they find podracing boring or find stargazing relaxing or that they just really love Earth D&D. The experience could be followed up with the individual more comfortable sharing something they had previously kept covered/hidden.

Disclaimer: I haven’t read a ton of colored kryptonite stories, so this is based on the limited exposure I’ve had.

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