Would a DC vs. Marvel Movie be Possible

So obviously there would be a massive tangled web of lawyery stuff that would logistically make such a movie impossible. There’s also the fact that the budget would be larger than the GDP’s of some small countries. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. I’m wondering if it would be possible to make such a movie, with the hundred something characters and super-sci-fi concepts that would be involved, from a story perspective. How much build up would it take? How would all the disparate storylines be juggled? How would it all be explained in the first place?

And finally…

Who wins that battle? DC or Marvel (based on the in story strengths of characters, that is. On a DC forum there’s obviously gonna be quite a bit of bias to one side.)


I dont think it would work. Who would the winner be? Would they end up coming together to fight a common enemy? Would that be a DC villain or a Marvel or an amalgamation of the two? Anything can be made with today’s technology but people would be unhappy with the final product for one reason or another. If Marvel fronted most of the money they would expect their heros to win and vice versa. If one side appeared to be more dominant then the other then the fans would be outraged.

Ps… love the screen name Tornado Soup

In your mind, any movie is possible.

In reality, that’s true too, to a certain extent.

In short, I doubt it will ever happen. WB and Marvel Studios’ resources would be better spent on future films under each umbrella that they can then collect full profits on for themselves instead of a mash-up that they’d have to share profits on.

Stan Lee took part in the Amalgam project, a co-creation between the Big Two.

That doesn’t mean that either giant would go for it, but there would be money to be made for both should it happen.

Something to think about. I’d line up to see a GOOD movie with Captain America and Superman, Spider-Man and Batman in the same world.

Note I said GOOD

It will happen. Not any time soon. Not within the next decade. But eventually it will happen. Just remember that things change. Rivalries that seem like a big deal now will be barely remembered in the future.

Shazam and Superman were once bitter competitors, with the publishers going as far as to sue each other, but that’s a distant memory now. Now look at them. They happily exist in the same universe and e
just appeared in the same movie.


Well, things didn’t end so rosily for Fawcett Comics.

I don’t get the need to mix universes. Yeah, the Amalgam books were fun but, leave it there. Please. Each universe has a metric ton of material to mine for movies, to say nothing of creating original stories and characters for movies, television and what have you.

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Eventually, maybe when Disney buys DC or time Warner. It could happen but not before then.

Who knows. Maybe in the next 50 years there will be one company that buys out the both of them that hasn’t even been founded yet. Maybe if superhero movies start to die off in a similar fashion to how they did when DC and Marvel teamed up for the amalgam universe and DC vs Marvel, it could be a thing. I would certainly watch it.

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Eh, Disney has enough toys. They need to let everyone enjoy their own toys now and for decades to come too.

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Cut check for $50000000 to Disney and check for $50000000 DC/WB might make it happen. Beyond somebody poning up 1Billion dollars, I doubt it.

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It’s certainly possible. In addition to it happening several times in the comics, Disney and Warner Brothers characters appeared together in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I wouldn’t expect it any time soon though.

Maybe in an alternate universe this will happen

I don’t think it would be very good tbh.

Nothing is impossible. Heck, Roger Rabbit has both Disney and Warner characters
Touchstone pictures used to a Warner/Disney partnership, but I’m not sure where it stands now.