Worst Ideas of All Time Hall of Infamy

For this thread, I’m not talking about decisions made by writers, editors, or storytellers. I’m talking about horrible, terrible choices made by characters within the DC Universe. What deserves to be in the Hall of Infamy for the worst ideas of all time?

My first nomination: John Constantine at Newcastle, who decides that the best way to defeat a psychic beast being projected by a little girl is to summon a more powerful demon.


Flashpoint. We all sympathize with Barry, but not at the expense of changing reality and putting the world at risk the way he did just to see his mother again.


A ya feeling spurned and taking over The Monitor.

Batman thinking Ras wouldn’t find a way to get his heir. Like having his daughter sleep with him was a place Ras wouldn’t go. Seriously, Bruce.

Anybody thinking a The Joker can be “reformed” and/or he won’t escape Arkham…AGAIN.


Ozymandias kills millions in New York City with giant space squid in attempt to stop WWIII. Just say that out loud and try to say it doesn’t sound ridiculous.


When Wally West(Rebirth) willingly gave Deathstroke the speedforce, the worlds most dangerous assassin became a million times more dangerous.

Damian justifiably berates him for it.


@YoYoFroYo Agreed to an extent. I mean, this was a time when everybody just assumed that the world would end in a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR, and nobody figured that it would end peacefully with the Soviet government collapsing in on itself. Given that I was born well after the Cold War ended, the benefit/bias of hindsight allows me to look back at the hysteria and see the overhyped bulls*** and empty threats for what they really were. The people living in that moment, while perhaps too quick to assume the worst, at least had reason to be afraid.
That said, it’s still a profoundly stupid move on Adrian’s part, because he’s supposed to be the smartest man in the world and, therefore, should have been above the mass panic that fueled the assumption that WWIII was inevitable at that point.
For that matter, it was also a dumb move on Dr. Manhattan’s part, because unlike everyone else, he actually CAN see into the future. I get that he’s completely detached from humanity and all, but back when he was still working with the government/military, that was kind of an important detail he just happened to leave out. Then again, this is a guy who can’t be bothered to put on pants 99% of the time, so…


It’s called Crime Alley, I know you want to leave the movie early, but try going out the front door.


Hey Science Council? Maybe try listening to your top scientist, the guy who discovered the Phantom Zone, when he says Krypton is screwed.


Umm, Spectre? I know being detached from a human host makes you looney, but maybe not listen to Eclipso, the previous embodiment of God’s wrath who was imprisoned for being too evil about it? Especially since her current host is a crazy person that thought murdering Sue Dibny was the best way to get her husband back?


And while we’re on the subject of Spectre hosts, Hal Jordan? Hi, I know Coast City was nuked and a lot of your loved ones are all dead, but…maybe not murder the entire Lantern Corps and all the Guardians plus blow up the Central Power Battery? Followed by attempting to rewrite time itself? Just saying, you sound like you’ve been possessed by some sort of ancient fear monster or something.


CWTV Eobard Thawne Ok so you learn from your initial forays into Time Travel that you are destined, Not to become the heroic Flash of your era, but instead, you are listed as THE arch rival of the original Flash…Why not just say, SCREW THAT!! I’m going to do good, and that’s all there is to it! Ultimately, you chose to fulfill history’s prophesy and become Barry’s hated enemy rather than being your own hero and making a greater legacy for yourself!


Hey Gotham Justice System, how many deaths before you will consider the Joker for the death penalty?


At the risk of sounding like Linkara, how did you think that killing Sue and faking a murder attempt would go for you Jean? If you want to get together with your ex, you could try CALLING HIM ON THE PHONE!


I understand the context of the Cold War and why Ozymandias did the deed, it’s just kind of funny to say out loud. Every one of these bad ideas has a logic behind it, they just ended up not working out. I haven’t read all of Doomsday Clock yet, but from what I have read, I know that Viedt’s plan got out to the public and ended up failing.


@YoYoFroYo Again, I agree with you that it was a dumb idea for Adrian, because he’s supposedly smarter than everyone else in the world and therefore should have known better.


Ray should of kept jean loring happy


Random dude in a bar thinks it’s a good idea to insult Rorschach while he’s standing right there


Random dude catcalls Big Barda


“Superman? Shoot him! Shoot his skin! With bullets!”


Any bad guy throwing a gun at a “super” after shooting all the bullets didn’t work.