Worried CW DC Shows May Go Away!

And we’ve got that Gotham cops show on the way, as well.

It’s true they save money if they cut the number of episodes for the season, but I think that number of continuing shows is still an unecessary expense, from the company’s point of view. Some executives have to be asking themselves “how many HBO Max subscriptions do we add by hosting this show?”; if the answer is only that it makes existing subscribors happier, that may not be good enough.

Your point about broadcast TV is a good one. Building public awareness of characters besides Superman & Batman was was a huge gain for DC, as well as demonstrating those characters can carry a show. But which network would it be? CBS didn’t like how its one season of Supergirl turned out. Most of the broadcast networks have ties to a streaming channel that’s in competition with HBO Max. I personally think the existing Vancouver-filmed shows have a poor shot of attracting a different home

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This cannot happen!!!

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I think the CW is just a broadcast Network. I don’t think it has anything to do with the shows produced. The articles state that what kept them afloat was the Netflix streaming deal and that is in fact what lead to the success of their shows like Riverdale and All American.

Even if this does happen, the network will probably remain unchanged. Worse case scenario, remaining shows finish their runs and the upcoming shows become streaming exclusive on HBOmax.