worried abut Nightwing

After events of Batman 55 and the upcom8ng change in creative teams for Nightwing, concerned DC is not understanding that this is THE character that has grown the most throughout DCU history and has more connections and story possibilities that are far better than what it seems they are doing.


Nightwing is probably my favorite comic book character and definitely my favorite DC character. It has been hard to read comics featuring him for quite some time. Most writers don’t seem to know how to characterize him and have him grown into his own capable hero.


I’m honestly not. Scott Lobdell has recently written Dick very well in the most recent Red Hood annual. I’m certain he’ll do the character justice, even with a refreshed status quo.

Hes dead. RIP Nightwing.

Yeah, I thought the idea of exploring a sense of vertigo could be interesting (from the description of Nightwing 51). It would keep Dick off-balance and allow the story to explore his non-combat strengths, such as detective skills. I’m really not looking forward to a memory loss type of story (if that’s the route they’re really going). Memory loss was recently done with Batman and apparently is about to be done with Aquaman, so it’s a bit overdone in my opinion. Besides, I really like Dick’s interactions with the Batfamily, so cutting him off again (Grayson arc) would be annoying. I wasn’t really a fan of all the Wyrm/Terminal bad guy stuff recently, but I really liked the Dick/Babs team-up and wanted to see more development there. Before that, Dick had a couple issues with Damian that were really fun too.


Kinda concerned about this also. Not a fan of the memory loss thing. Hope it’s a short arc but I fear it will be a long one.

Worried about the memory loss as well, though some stuff seems to imply most of it will clear up quickly. I can deal with a ‘status quo’ change and vertigo affecting Nightwing as long as 1) Not permanent 2) We get to see Dick’s detective skills side.