Worried About the AT&T / Time Warner Merger

Hello! This is the first time I have visited the community section of DC Universe. I actually came here looking for people with the same worry I have. That worry is about the AT&T / Time Warner merge. I’ve heard some info about Swamp Thing originally being 13 episodes, going over budget and getting cut to 10 episodes, then being cancelled entirely right after the first episode was released. There’s also rumblings of other original shows being in jeopardy, and the lack of DC prescience at Comic Con this year all being attributed to the merger and the fact AT&T isn’t concerned with focusing on DC at all. All speculation of course, but in my life I’ve learned “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

I don’t know if it is also due to the merger but has anyone noticed a ton of movies removed from the site? Is that a licensing thing that DC doesn’t want to renew before the merger? What do you all think? Do you have any info I haven’t heard about?


For your concerns about movies being removed from the site, have no worries; movies are rotated in and out every month. If you’re ever curious what’s coming or leaving, your best spot for information is the watchtower forums. The moderators here are always upfront with us on what is coming and leaving.

The original shows aren’t in jeopardy. We’re getting a second season of Titans next month. At San Diego Comic Con Doom Patrol it was announced Doom Patrol was renewed for a second season and we’re getting a fourth season of Young Justice. We still have Harley Quinn on the way and Stargirl will be premiering in 2020.

There’s a lot of false information out there regarding this site. Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be okay.


The movies have always been rotating due to rights issues. Swamp Thing was excessively expensive from the start.


The Swamp Thing info was true. It was cut to 10 episodes, and word it was cancelled leaked after the first episode aired. Should be note word it was cancelled leaked, that was not announced by DCU who no doubt planned to hold off on announcing it. I am betting that the decision to cancel shows happens all the time after one week, just usually doesn’t get out that soon. Yeah it still looked bad, but don’t think that is the first time the decision to axe something happened so soon.

That let to a rumor that Warner was re-evaluating DCU… which by the way can mean anything and even the most reliable sources said DCU was being re-evaluated. That could mean dozens of things but everyone took that as proof it was going down even though no one said “Warenr is deciding whether or not to end it”. Warner Brothers then released an HBO MAX (their new streaming service) trailer that showed among other things Doom Patrol… which got people more convinced it was going to roll into HBO MAX. However… it was speculation that has sense proven to be mostly if not completely false.

As for the rest though, most was covered but to repeat DCU at the same ComicCon people pointed out DC’s lack of presence, DC had a presence by the way, Warner Brothers just didn’t and there was nothign in the main Hall H… not a great look but DC not showing up like some claim wasn’t true at all. DC showed up and had pannels including a DCU one. Where it was reported that Doom Patrol and YJ were coming back as said above. They also mentioned Harley Quinn and Stargirl which along with everything else seems to imply that they have programming lined up for into when HBO MAX launches. They did say that some (maybe all) the new programming would also stream simultaniously on HBO MAX.

Warner also has said on the record that DC Universe would remain as is.

So would not worry too much, yes we don’t know what the future holds but all signs point to DCU not going anywhere. A lot of people have for some reason been rooting for DCU to fail from the get-go. I don’t know why. But seems most jumped the gun.


@DanTheManOne1 Yea, it seemed like most of those people looking for DC Universe to fail really started rolling in after Comic Con. It was like they were waiting to hear the service was going to be merged with HBO Max and when that didn’t happen, they took their anger out here by creating post after post. We’re still seeing traces of it on this board. But @guitargod122984.75917 no need to worry. DC Universe will be around for a while and every day that its on, it’s another day nay-sayers and people hoping for it to fail have to live with it.


It is not unusual for any of the big companies to go light on new announcements at Comicon in a particular year, including Marvel/Disney. And those discussions about WB/DCU purposely seem to ignore the heavy presence of DCU/ related panels/events centered around original content and the official announcements of new seasons of DP season and YJ.

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