Worlds Finest Teen Titans

worlds finest teen titans looks like a fun read so I made a thread for it I’m really loving marks work and I hope it does well its issue 2 I’m looking forward to they go in to a hunted house so fun


This is the issue when I got into the Titans


mine was the cartoon
I think first comic was this one titans comic was this one



I love that show.


I finished reading World’s Finest: Teen Titans #1, and I loved it! In his miniature “World’s Finest” universe, Mark Waid has been bringing back and modernizing the Silver Age DC Universe. That continues in this book with the original Teen Titans line-up. There were some great retro-references in this issue:

-Posters of pop-rock group The Flips are seen in the Titans’ Compound. The Flips originally appeared in Showcase #59

-The plot of the story was an updated version of the Titans’ battle with the Seperated Man from The Brave and The Bold #60.

Some of the retro-references are updated for modern times. For instance, in the 60’s, teenagers used to contact the Titans by ham radio. In this modernized version, they contact the team through social media which is run by Hawkman’s Silver Age sidekick and Titans West alum Charley Parker aka The Golden Eagle.

Outside of the '60’s references, though, there was a lot to enjoy about issue #1. My favorite scenes were when we got to see how individual Titans interact with their mentors and how different each adult hero reacted. Barry’s advice to wally was fueled by positivity and excitement. Diana and Donna spoke almost as equals. Bruce gave Dick nothing but suspicion and caution. Ollie was simply not there for Roy. Those interactions inform the personalities of each member of the Titans and who they will eventually become. They also give a lot of context to the developing conflict between Speedy and Robin. The moment where Roy calls Robin out for not sharing his identity with the rest of the group was reminiscent of Tim Drake going through similar moments with the original Young Justice team and the New 52’s Teen Titans.

This was a fantastic first issue and I really, really love Waid’s World’s Finest line!


I agree I just now got it I really liked it can’t wait for it to come out in trade
I also hope they give waid more work :slightly_smiling_face:


I read the first issue. It’s pretty good so far.


Read both issues of World’s Finest: Teen Titans #1 and #2

Here are my favorite highlights from the series so far:

Bubblebee was always cool and I’m glad even Roy notices how great Karen is by the fact she designs her own equipment.

Roy Harper not having Oliver to give out mentor advice makes me so sad for Roy. :sob:

Separated Man!

Aqualad and Wonder-girl together are so cute.

Not exactly something I ship, but this avoids certain relationships that Donna Troy was in this era…

Hate this guy

Terry Long

Mal freakin Duncan is awesome. Can’t believe this is the beginnings of his and Karen relationship, yay!

I’m glad that Donna Troy origins are returning again to her being a orphan. I seriously hate the new origin of Donna Troy where she was a weapon against the Amazonians, so dumb.

Rant goes on

Same goes for Wonder-woman being the daughter of Zeus, Cassie being Zeus granddaughter, and Nubia not being Wonder-woman sister.

There is something wrong with how DC keeps trying to retcon the lore of Wonder-woman characters. I loved the classics like Wonder-woman being made from Hipotayla with her love alone and clay, Donna Troy being a orphan who got saved by Wonder-woman to become adopted by the Amazonians, and Cassie being the daughter of Zeus. The best origins.

This sounds amazing! We need Titanscon with all the Titans involved. All the Titans cosplayers would be so cool!

Great series, and hopefully Tom Taylor references this series later on in his Titans book. It’s great we have more Titans books this year. Titans rule!


you and many others


yes they do !


Solid first issue! Mark Waid is killing it at DC! He understands the characters and their motivations, and yet he can add new and refreshing twists to their respective histories. Mark should be the E.I.C. of the DC line.


Read issue #1 last night and loved it. @MarkWaid is a fantastic writer who blends fun, action, history and emotion seamlessly. I was so happy to see the reference to The Flips and just as happy that I recognized it! The fun of seeing them ride manta rays and dolphins to fight Separated Man, of seeing them fight and love like teenagers and of the relationships with their mentors/parents. It’s all so well done and the artwork by Emanuela Lupacchino is superb. Clean lines, great detail and depth, each character is unique and faithful to the lore - love this. Just about a perfect book, IMO.


I just read teen titans 79 with how happy jason was to be part of the team its to bad he didn’t get to do it more


Got to check out the latest issue of World’s finest: Teen Titans release on Infinite and checked out the newest one as well.

I really liked both issues and I do think that more so than the Teen Titans Academy series, this one captures the vibes of the 2000s animated series by actually being about the Hijinks of the teenagers, having fun action, while also having a little bit of the drama of superhero and teenage angst.
It’s not fair that I enjoyed reading #3 and thinking how out of the other characters, my favorite was Bubblebee. The other characters are cool but she’s my favorite here.

I’m not spoiling #4 but if you’re interested to see my favorite moments from #4 you could read it in the bottom.

World's Finest Teen Titans #4

Great to see Mal Duncan as Guardian in the latest Titan book. I’m really appreciating him as an character and he’s my favorite guardian.

Titan #4

And the aftermath of Donna Troy in a demolition Derby was just so funny.