World of Wonder | Wonder Woman (Series 1975) S1E7 4/12 @ 6PM PDT/9PM EDT

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Spinning into another Sunday Wonder Woman Watch-Along! 2020-04-13T01:00:00Z

Join World of Wonder as we watch Episode 7 of the Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter.

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For those who have joined a Watch-Along before, you know the drill. For those who haven’t joined a Watch-Along before, read on to learn more.

:white_check_mark:THE DEETS​:white_check_mark:

Who: You!

What: Wonder Woman (Series 1975) Season 1, Episode 7 - Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments below! Maybe on your phone! But also, you’ll be watching Wonder Woman (Series 1975) on another screen to make it easier. So there, too.

When: Sunday, April 12th @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT.

Why: Because the community that geeks out together, stays together.

How: Great question- read below!


:point_down:RULES OF THE ROAD​:point_down:

  1. CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY – You must have a subscription to DC Universe to access Wonder Woman (Series 1975)
  2. DUAL-WIELDING – Watch-Alongs are best experienced on two devices; Your phone for comments, and your big screen for viewing.
  3. 2, 1 LET’S JAM – Have your clicking finger on the “play” button and ready for action- we’ll be starting at the strike of the hour.
  4. A WRINKLE IN TIME – If you get lost in the time, you can calculate where the audience is by checking the minute- For example, if it’s 6:15pm PDT, then we are 15 minutes into the show.

:sparkles: Let’s watch Wonder Woman (Series 1975) :sparkles:

Questions or concerns? Reach out @Nu52 :inbox_tray:

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1 Week :joy:


four days, seven hours, forty-eight minutes

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Wow, you got it down to the minute! Patent that countdown. :relaxed:

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mathematics cannot be patented, alas…


Less than 5 hours to go!


Thank you for that, @nu52 . :blush:


I just came across this bit of Wonder Woman TV trivia (while researching some Sinestro stuff for #psychologyofsupervillains ) and thought I would share it.

One of the people responsible for the development of the Wonder Woman tv series was Stanley Ralph Ross.

However, he was also the voice of Sinestro in the Superfriends animated series.

He is probably best known as a writer for about a third of the Batman ‘66 episodes. He also wrote the opening for ABC’s Wide World of Sports, and if you get that reference without having to look it up, you’re probably getting old, just like me. :wink:

Just a weird bit of trivia I thought I’d pass along.


Hey, thanks for that trivia! Definitely something that the people in the topic for the episode discussion might find interesting.

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1 hour to showtime everyone!

thirty-five minutes

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10 minutes :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to stick around tonight—just wanted to stop by and leave you w/ some Chita Rivera to lead off the dance party. Since it’s a holiday n’ all. :tada: :dancer:t4::grin:
Happy Easter. Take care.



I ready for some Diana Prince!


We shall miss you! But thanks for the great gif :relaxed:

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Woo woo! Me too!

five minutes

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I technically know of it, but only because it was referenced at the beginning of Blazing Saddles.


Finally putting down Animal Crossing lol but less than 3 minutes to go!

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The thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat