[World of Wonder] WONDER WOMAN/CONAN (2017-) #1-6 ✨

World of Wonder Week 15! :sparkles:





This week we’ll be taking a look at Wonder Woman/Conan written by Gail Simone.

What makes one a legend? How do legends carve their names into history, when countless others are forgotten? Wonder Woman and Conan the Barbarian are destined by the fates to be legendary, but when their stories collide, will both emerge victorious, or will the fickle Gods cut their lives short? Co-published with Dark Horse Comics.


▷ What to read: Wonder Woman/Conan (2017-) #1-6

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. What were your feelings about Diana’s memory loss?

  2. Are you familiar with Conan in other media? What are your thoughts about him here?

  3. Did you enjoy this team-up? Would you like to see more?

  4. Were the Corvidae interesting villains?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Awesome! I’ve been wanting to read this for a while now – especially since I’m surprised it’s still on here, given that Conan is currently being published by Marvel.

I’m pretty familiar with the character of Conan, a lot of it from the classic Schwarzenegger movie, but also reading some of the comics, most notably the Kurt Busiek run of Conan during the Dark Horse era.

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I do wonder how these co-published books work on here and if they’ll ever leave suddenly. I read the first 3 issues when it first came out, but never finished it. It’s been sitting in my “to-read” digital pile for a while now.

Oh, and a question – how tempting was it to have one of the discussion questions be “CONAN! What is best in life?” :joy:


I don’t know anything about Conan, so sadly, no temptation :rofl::sweat_smile:

Well, it certainly confused things. I’m not sure quite how necessary it was, since we know good and well Diana’s not actually from Conan’s world and isn’t this Yanna person, but it did sustain some of the character drama and give him a reason to care about her.

I’m aware that such a character exists and Arnold Schwarzenegger played him one time, but that’s about the extent of it. I did like him here. He was a cool anti-hero of the “tries to be self-interested but tends to do the right thing despite himself” variety.

Well, it was a good story, so I enjoyed it, but the conclusion at least as it regards Past-Conan seems pretty final, so it would be kind of awkward to continue that particular thread. It would be interesting to learn more about Echo-Conan from the end, though. I don’t know, maybe Conan can visit the present rather than Diana going to the past next time.

Well, I wasn’t blown away by them, but they were pretty cool. I did like the occasional flashes of body horror when they’d suddenly manifest part of their crow form while otherwise in human form. Their motivations did seem to be just general petulance, which was a little underwhelming compared to how powerful they were.

This was pretty good, all things considered. The storytelling was taken surprisingly seriously compared to a lot of the other crossover miniseries and oneshots I’ve looked through, and I think that worked to the series’ benefit.

It’s hard to do a crossover that’s entirely balanced, and I got the sense that Wonder Woman was sort of guest starring in a Conan story here, but that’s not necessarily a strike against it, just something I observed. We follow Conan first, 90% of it takes place in his world, the villains are from his world, and Diana has amnesia for most of it so for all she knows she’s from Conan’s world too until the last couple issues. I guess that was why I’d be interested in a continuation that would flip it and have Conan be the out-of-place element in Diana’s world.


I’d definitely recommend watching the movie – it’s a classic, and full of great lines and moments. But the most popular one is probably this:



Well, that was a scene. :sweat_smile:

I can’t see why I have never watched it before :rofl:

I’m not sure it was necessary and especially not for as long as it went on.

I’m right there with you with how much you know of Conan. I think Red Sonja is related to the character somehow (don’t know much about her either).

As far as the team-ups continuing, I haven’t finished the story so I don’t know about the finality of it all, but now that I mentioned Red Sonja, I’d like to see that. Conan and Wonder Woman in modern day DC would be interesting, especially if more heroes get involved.

Yeah, I felt that too. That amnesia overstayed its welcome. I agree with you about wanting to see the reverse as a continuation. I’d like to see Conan around the Amazons or the Justice League taking on Wonder Woman villains.

What were your feelings about Diana’s memory loss?
I would guess it was a way to weaken Diana, to add to Conan’s sympathy, but even with her memory intact, she would still remind Conan of Yanna. I did like the spot of mud on her forehead that look oddly like a star.

Are you familiar with Conan in other media? What are your thoughts about him here?
Other than the two movies, not really. I am curious to see how other writers handle him. Also, Red Sonja is part of his universe and Arnold has a spot in her movie. I did like the throwaway line, “you remind me of a red head i know; she doesn’t listen either”.

Did you enjoy this team-up? Would you like to see more?
I did like this team up, even if it did have that “guest starring Wonder Woman” feel. As to more, maybe Echo Conan, tho my head canon has him as just some regular guy who is surprisingly buff with long hair.

Were the Corvidae interesting villains?
To some extent, meh, as they were about slaughter for the sake of slaughter. And they were degenerate gamblers, which i kind of liked. And true to villain form, they had to expose their plan, telling Diana it was they that took her memory, forcing her and Conan to the same spot so they can bet on their fight. Which, true to form, did not work out for the Corvidae.

I liked in the Final Battle, when Conan exploited them to save the town by asking for a fight with “no blades” and then using the lasso to defeat his opponent. Which was totally fair in my book.

I am surprised the shark did not heed Diana, but the horse did. Is the shark not a beast, albeit of the sea? There are a few unity with the beast moments in the 77 show that i am eager for this book club to see should we ever watchalong said show.

I liked how Conan referred to bearing the truth all day all the time as cumbersome, I liked that the welcher had a change of heart even tho he sort of tricked Conan into saving him. But i liked more his sort of revenge on the slaver, revealing that he was also a cutpurse.

The art was, to understate it, very shiny. The story moved well, so i think i might have to add Gail Simone to my watchlist.

Pardon my butchery: “for the love of all Bana-Mighdall, don’t be so Amazonian”.

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I’ve loved most of what I’ve read from her. Her Birds of Prey run is fantastic (as is the rest of the series, but Simone’s stuff is particularly fun) and Villains United was a great miniseries. The Secret Six miniseries was a little weaker but I’m going to go back and give the ongoing a chance at some point.

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She’s a new-ish writer, like Tynion IV?

She’s been around since the early 2000s. All the series I mentioned were Pre-Flashpoint. She also had a Wonder Woman run after Infinite Crisis that I’ve heard good things about. Post-Flashpoint, she did New 52 Batgirl for a while but I’m not sure what else she’s been up to.

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That’s kind of new. well, let’s go mature.

I saw Tynion on a DC Daily Report and he seemed still brimming with youth. And i’ve confirmed what i thought i remembered: he wrote Batman vs TNMT. Which was excellent as was vol. 2, which i think he wrote as well (unconfirmed).

Haven’t finished it yet, but if you liked this book, not only check out her WW run, but also check out her run of Red Sonja for similar fantasy/barbarian style tales.

Oh, and in terms of other work by her, she also recently did a run on Domino for Marvel, and she did an extensive run on Deadpool between the named title and Agent X, so much so she’s even name-dropped in the first Deadpool movie.

“And Gail, she still fixing that tuna casserole? So good, but bad for the waistline, y’know?”

that was an easter egg i didn’t even know about.

Funny you should say that, because that’s sort of what Marvel is doing right now – he showed up in the present 616 Marvel Universe in a story called Avengers: No Road Back and he’s currently part of the team book Savage Avengers, starring him, Wolverine, Punisher, Elektra, Venom and Doctor Voodoo. Personally I’ve only read the first issue so far but it looks fun.

She is – Red Sonja is inspired by one of Conan creator Robert Howard’s characters, which Roy Thomas tweaked and did his own version of in the Conan the Barbarian comics when Marvel was publishing them in the 70s and was popular enough to get her own book.

(Fun fact: even with her not part of the Marvel library, I believe it’s still canon that at one point Red Sonja possessed the body of Mary Jane Watson to walk modern day Earth, because…y’know…redheads.)

Anyway, finished reading it – overall I really enjoyed it, as much for Diana as I did for Conan. I’d go as far as to say that this is probably one of the better modern WW stories I’ve read in a while – certainly better than the Rucka run that was going around the same time.

What were your feelings about Diana’s memory loss?

It’s interesting seeing you guys say it ran for too long, but as I was reading it, I didn’t really feel that way. I liked the moments where the real Diana broke through and often completely turns the tide in whatever situation they’re in. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the “complete” Diana in more of the story, but I felt like there was enough of who she is at her core in those issues.

Are you familiar with Conan in other media? What are your thoughts about him here?

Like I implied in other posts, I’m probably more familiar with him than most of you guys. I will say that I really liked Gail’s portrayal of Conan. She balanced the “noble warrior” and “mercenary thief” sides to the character very well. He was cutthroat and savage when necessary, but also capable of great compassion and joy.

Did you enjoy this team-up? Would you like to see more?

I definitely did – there are enough similarities between the two characters that they bounce off each other rather well, with enough differences that there’s still moments of good conflict and drama. Sadly, with Conan being part of Marvel right now, I don’t see that happen any time soon – maybe she could team up with Red Sonja, though!

Were the Corvidae interesting villains?

I’d say less “interesting” and more “entertaining.” They’re definitely not very complex or anything, but Gail Simone has a knack for creating villains that are equally despicable in their acts, and yet oddly hilarious in their dialogue and quirks, and that’s on full desplay here.

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