[World of Wonder] Wonder Woman #750 DISCUSSION

Wonder Woman is getting renumbered to #750 come January 22nd.

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has revealed that DC’s new official timeline, announced last year, will become the DC Universe’s official history starting with the renumbered Wonder Woman #750 in a story from writer Scott Snyder and artist Bryan Hitch that establishes Wonder Woman as the new timeline’s first superhero.

I’m really looking forward to how this whole timeline turns out. I’m hopeful it will be good. Flash is going to follow by renumbering to #750 in February. Which other titles should be renumbered? Are you excited for this issue and for the new official timeline? Would you prefer someone else being the first superhero or do you feel it should be Wonder Woman?

Once you’ve read the issue, come back and let’s discuss all of the stories and developments.

If you get a physical copy, post which cover you went with! I’ve preordered a few.

Questions or concerns? Reach out @Nu52 :inbox_tray:

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Wonder Woman #750 - Cover Checklist

Publisher Covers

Joelle Jones

Joshua Middleton 1940’s

Jenny Frison 1950’s

J. Scott Campbell 1960’s

Olivier Coipel 1970’s

George Perez 1980’s

Brian Bolland 1990s

Adam Hughes 2000s

Jim Lee & Scott William 2010s

Jim Lee 1:100 Pencils

Blank Var - holding on cover art

Retailer & Creator Variant Covers

Artgerm Collectibles - Stanley Artgerm Lau Trade Dress

Artgerm Collectibles - Stanley Artgerm Lau Golden Age

Artgerm Collectibles - Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin

Bulletproof Comics - Gabriele Dell’Otto Trade Dress

Bulletproof Comics - Gabriele Dell’Otto Virgin

Bulletproof Comics - Gabriele Dell’Otto Virgin Lightning

J.Scott Campbell A

J.Scott Campbell B

J.Scott Campbell C

Scorpion Comics Lucio Parrillo Trade Dress

Scorpion Comics Lucio Parrillo Virgin

Kings Comics Nicola Scott

ComicXposure Derrick Chew

Comic Sketch Art - Adam Hughes Trade Dress

Comic Sketch Art - Adam Hughes Virgin

Alex Ross Art Homage

Alex Ross Art DC Shadows

Comic Stop Liam Sharp

Unknown Comics Jay Anacleto Trade Dress

Unknown Comics Jay Anacleto Virgin Lasso

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee A

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee B

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee C

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee D

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee E

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee F

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee G

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee H

Torpedo Comics Jim Lee I

Comics Elite Nathan Szerdy Trade Dress

Comics Elite Nathan Szerdy Virgin

Planet Awesome Collectibles Bosslogic A

Planet Awesome Collectibles Bosslogic B

Planet Awesome Collectibles Bosslogic C

The Comic Mint Shannon Maer Trade Dress

Unknown Comics Kiat Ejikure Lmtd


I’m a HUGE fan of Boss Logic and you can order these covers here:


And Comics Elite is also offering these Unknown Comics exclusive covers.

You can order them here:


Thanks for the links! I’ll try to add them to the wiki once all the covers are up, just taking a break to eat :joy:


Oh man, I have a serious love for coverart! These are amazing!


Wow, that was a crazy two-month coma I just woke up from. Honest.

So anyway, what’s everybody’s favorite cover?

(Your answer had better be the George Perez one.)

(Alright, I’ll let you get away with the Nicola Scott one because those are always cool, but that’s it.)

(OK, fine, the Adam Hughes one is pretty great too.)


(also maybe the 40s one)



This is where you start feeling like an art collector!

Chasing after that 1 of 500 exclusive cover by your favorite artist!

There are very few things in the world that I enjoy as much as I enjoy chasing a comic book!


I had to get crafty to get around the 7,000 character limit on here to fit all of the covers. I believe that is all of them.

My favorite is probably Kiat Ejikure’s cover (but $150 :sob:). I wish more covers had her New 52 costume or that Cliff Chiang and David Finch had some covers. I love the Lucio Parrillo covers too.

I already ordered the Boss Logic covers but now I’m thinking Imma’ have to go with the Gabriele Dell’Otto cover as well. Wonder Woman in that instance is SAVAGE!!!

The lightning cover is ALMOST worth $119…almost.


Nice! I ordered these ones by Lucio Parillo, Derrick Chew, and Artgerm.


That Lucio Parillo cover is SUPER expressive!
Amazon vibes for DAYYYYS coming out of that picture!!!


Right? It so closely resembles Gal Gadot with the stance, the expressiveness, and the suit. I wanted to buy more, but I probably shouldn’t considering they’re all the same book :sweat_smile:


I have a strict rule that I will never spend more than $75 on a book that is less than twenty years old.

Other than that I always listen to this when faced with difficult book purchasing situations:


Hey, how did you bypass the 7,000 character limit exactly? I had read in the last office hours where Applejack had said that Wiki posts had larger character limits and she had advised the person who had asked about the character limits to try converting their large posts to wikis.

I’m trying to add the 3rd bonus question to my scavenger hunt event, and I’m running into the character limit issue. I tried changing it to a Wiki, but that didn’t seem to fix the problem. It was still saying that I was over the 7,000 character limit :sob: any suggestions??

I guess if nothing else I could just move the bonus questions down to the scoreboard post, but I had it looking all pretty on the main event post LOL.

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I didn’t actually bypass the 7,000 character limit. I just edited the pictures so that they contained less info. I didn’t know that about the wiki posts. Maybe it’s something a mod has to do?

Oh ok, I thought that’s why you did the post with the covers as a Wiki lol. Well, I don’t think that editing the pictures is going to solve my issue because those are already pretty much down to the lease info possible. The issue with my scavenger hunt post is simply too much info and too many words lol.

From what Applejack was saying, it sounded like it would work for anyone, all you had to do was convert to Wiki, but that obviously isn’t doing the trick. You may be right, it may be that only mods can get around that, or help you get around it.

I guess I’ll shoot the mods a message about it and for the time being I’ll just scoot the Bonus Questions to the post below the main post. I really wish that you could have a little more editing capability to threads that you started yourself you know? That way you can’t just go around changing stuff in other people’s threads, but you have a little more control over your own. Cuz I would also like to insert a post higher up in the thread if that was possible, but new posts always go to the bottom and that can’t be changed even by the mods I think. I get that they can’t let just anyone run wild, but I’m hoping that they can work something out in the future to make a few of those features more user friendly. Like, maybe add another clearance level with slightly more robust editing capabilities? I dunno, I’ll have to think about it so I can put something in the suggestions thread lol.

Anyways, thanks for answering my question!

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Yeah, I get what you’re saying. It helps as a learning curve though. Like, you could make your bonus questions and stuff as a reply next time or you could make a reply with more info and just include a link to the reply in the main body of your topic. If that makes sense.

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Very good suggestion. I didn’t do it to help with the character limit, but I did a reply immediately after I created the topic post and that’s where I put the scoreboard, but I’m glad I did because it’s good to have that fallback if I run out of room in my main post. I actually did manage to scale things down enough to get my third Bonus Question in the main post, but it wouldn’t have been a big deal if I had ended up needing to bump them down to the scoreboard post. I hadn’t thought about using links to replies though, that’s a good idea. I may use that later during the main event. I think I’ll definitely use your suggestions on my next scavenger hunt. And like you said it is a good learning curve. I applied to start my own club too, so if I get my club approved this will definitely serve as good practice lol.

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Thank you @hashtag-goodtobejo for the links! I usually order from Golden Apple Comics and haven’t really branched out unless I’m looking for a specific cover.