[World of Wonder] WONDER WOMAN (1987-) #27-31 ✨

World of Wonder Week 13!



We’ve all been exploring Community 2.0. It’s all new and amazing. Let’s witness Steve and Etta explore Paradise Island for the first time. We’ll also be learning more about Cheetah!



WONDER WOMAN (1987-) #27
WONDER WOMAN (1987-) #28
WONDER WOMAN (1987-) #29
WONDER WOMAN (1987-) #30
WONDER WOMAN (1987-) #31

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:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion begins now and lasts through next Tuesday (10/29)


  1. What did you think of Steve and Etta’s trip to Themyscira?

  2. How do you feel about Cheetah’s depiction and origin?

  3. Did you enjoy seeing the Amazons of Egypt?

  4. Which scene was your favorite?

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This is the first half of an extended story arc that I’d say is probably the best in Perez’s run. I’ll need to do a bit of a refresher read before I can answer the questions, but I’m excited to talk about this.


Your excitement has got me amped up to read this! We’ve read some good Pérez story arcs, but if this is even better than any of the previous ones, we’re in for a treat.

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Well, actually, Myndi’s death and funeral in #20 and Annual #1 is probably the best story, but this is the best more extended arc.


Okay, that was my first thought when I read your reply. “Is it better than the Myndi story?” I’m betting this one is also more comic-y than Myndi’s story, so I’m ready for it.

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Awesome! Looking forward to digging into this. :grinning:


So midterms have got me stressed and busy, so I haven’t made much headway into thenreading, but I gotta say… I’m not a fan of this Steve.
Not sure if it’s how he’s written or if it’s the art, but something about him rubs me wrong. Anyone else feel that way or am I just wonky about it?
Also @BatJamags YES!!! In regards to Mindy’s whole arc. That one totally had me!!

Can’t wait to finish the rest of the issues, now back to reading my textbooks :frowning:


Read at your own pace :slight_smile:

Life comes first of course.

I’m not disliking this Steve, but I haven’t really gotten used to him yet.

Still have to finish the selection (only 20% comeplete!). This Steve kind of looks like the Wonder Woman '74 movie Steve.

Of which, the Wonder Woman '77 #4-6 had that Steve with a moustache (i think), which he doesn’t since i watched it ahead of the DC daily episode about it. Sidenote: nice to see the DC Daily crew finally trash something

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I can see the resemblance to Kaz Garas now that you mention it.


It might be one of those things that once seen, it cannot be unseen.

You’re welcome.

I actually really liked that version of Steve. Out of all of the casting choices in that project, he was probably the best. I haven’t seen that TV movie in a while.

  1. What did you think of Steve and Etta’s trip to Themyscira?
    In a way, it was almost like a vacation for them. And a little bit of closure for Steve, son of Diana. There was less cultural exchange as with Julia and Nessie. I did like that there were some Amazons not so keen on the idea. It wasn’t so much that they were outsiders, but it was the second time they let a potential destroyer of Themyscira within their borders.
  2. How do you feel about Cheetah’s depiction and origin?
    I liked this depiction, including but not limited to how much Barbara Ann treated Chuma like garbage. I specifically liked the fatal flaw with the Cheetah-Plant God union that slowly ravaged Barbara’s body because she was not a virgin when said union took place.
  3. Did you enjoy seeing the Amazons of Egypt?
    Yes! They were particularly savage and unrelenting.
  4. Which scene was your favorite?
    The final Diana-Cheetah battle. And that there exists the other golden girdle of Gaea.

Skimming back through, these issues contain most of what I thought continued into the next few, but this story is still really good.

  1. What did you think of Steve and Etta’s trip to Themyscira?

While it mainly hinged on the awkward retcon about Steve’s mother, I’d say it went pretty well.

  1. How do you feel about Cheetah’s depiction and origin?

I love the Cheetah in this series. She’s wonderfully ruthless while also being more grounded than other heavy-hitters from Diana’s rogues gallery like Ares or Circe.

Chuma is also a bit better in this story than his original appearance since we see that he has his own reasons for what he does and get a look at his perspective on things.

  1. Did you enjoy seeing the Amazons of Egypt?

They were an interesting, sort of out-of-left-field entrance into the plot, but still had some setup in prior issues. They play a bigger role in the story to come.

  1. Which scene was your favorite?

The Cheetah’s takedown of the mercenaries was a really cool sequence, and of course the battle between her and Diana was great.

    What did you think of Steve and Etta’s trip to Themyscira?
I really enjoyed it. Something I wanted more of the last time we had outsiders visit Paradise Island was for more Amazons voicing their concerns regarding the mortals stepping foot on their shores. Getting to see Steve's reaction to his mother's statue was sweet. It was brief in comparison to the Kapatelis visit, but just as important. I like how story threads from the very beginning remain relevant this far into the series. Like, @AntLeon I liked that the Amazons were particularly wary because this was the second time someone that had tried to destroy them was allowed on Themyscira and are they just to forgive anyone that attempts to end them?
    How do you feel about Cheetah’s depiction and origin?
I find her extremely compelling. She's unabashedly power hungry and evil, but doesn't feel comical or like a caricature. The fact that she went to the cultists seeking treasure and found immortality was a nice twist. She really seized the opportunity (poor Leavens). Urzkartaga continues the common practice of jealousy by the gods in this story. It'd be torture having to live in constant pain in exchange for powers and a long life. You also have to kill and do other things. Barbara got the raw end of that deal. It's still kind of silly to me that the plant god is literally just a plant that they pluck the leaves off of. I do like how brutal the Cheetah is and how physically imposing she is.
    Did you enjoy seeing the Amazons of Egypt?
I definitely enjoyed seeing this new set of Amazons. The Bana-Mighdall has been teased for quite some time and they finally arrived. I wasn't letdown. They're pretty capable, but also very flawed. Everyone had some sort of poison in this arc. I like that Diana was able to maybe make a slight breakthrough to their queen before the queen passed. I'm curious to see what the new leadership will look like for the Bana-Mighdall and how it will shape them moving forward. I see they kept mentioning Phthia (how do you all pronounce that?) and it was cool to see them using their on language derived from many others. Their costumes were nice too.
    Which scene was your favorite?
It has to be the final fight. Every issue kept ramping up to that final confrontation and I was getting hyped up for it. Gosh, that confrontation was epic. From the Bana-Mighdall storming the hotel and Diana rushing to try and get there after all of the venom/poisons she had endured. Chuma trying his darndest to protect his mistress and god, until it cost him his life. The queen giving Diana and Barbara space to fight and then herself dying. Diana was angry in a way we haven't seen in this series before and I was half-expecting she might go all the way and kill Cheetah. I LOVED when Diana tore off Cheetah's tail and smacked her with it.

Shoutout to the scene where Barbara is shooting at the cultists and diving off of cliffs. Another honorable mention is Barry getting pranked.

You mention the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall being sort of out-of-left-field @BatJamags I wonder why the Lasso was leading Barbara to the second girdle. Why had it never led Diana there? You probably know, so I don’t want spoilers :stuck_out_tongue:, but I found their appearance to fit in nicely.


I do sort of this sputtering F-sound and then “Thea,” like I’m finishing a word ending in F and then continuing to the next. That could be completely wrong but it’s the only way I can make sense of all those consonants.

I don’t actually remember. I think we get a bit of an exposition bomb dropped on us in the next few issues, so I imagine we’ll find out (or be reminded, in my case) soon. It could be that since Dr. Minerva was not the intended wielder of the lariat, its natural draws took control of her, rather than the other way around as it works with Diana controlling the lasso. That was sort of the implication I picked up from what we learned in this arc.

Oh, and one other note: I’m actually almost done with the run. I still need to get back around to the epilogue issue, but I’ve gotten through everything else and the War of the Gods event (which is theoretically a company-wide crossover, but is functionally four extra-length Wonder Woman issues with a few guest stars). There are some plot threads that are left hanging for a long while before getting tied together there.

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That’s not how I’ve been pronouncing it :sweat_smile:

That makes sense, but then why draw her to the girdle? Would that not have just put more power in her hands? Was it the lasso that was killing her/Urzartaga? How/why? I was wondering if maybe it was revealing the truth to the Cheetah, that she was Barbara (since Barbara had said she was starting to remember things from during her transformation). Was that severing the ties between Urzy and Dr. Minerva?

I do agree with your point about Chuma in this arc. His motivations are much clearer and he has agency.

I forgot about Barry getting pranked. And his fury only backfiring on him.

Lord Hermes and his mullet makes another appearance. Nessie kind of has a lady mullet going on.


I was giving Barry the benefit of the doubt because I genuinely couldn’t remember if he and Ness were even dating. I do remember Vanessa being jealous over Diana so I didn’t really trust her in her jiltedness, but Lucy got him good :joy: I didn’t even see it coming.

Hermes used his powers of putting things back together again! That’s actually such a neat power. He and Vanessa do have a very similar haircut. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:



Finished just in the nick of time! :sweat_smile:

“What did you think of Steve and Etta’s trip to Themyscira?”

It was a nice enough issue, though it kind of pales in comparison to when Julia and Nessie went there in the Annual. The tension about letting man into Themyskira was palpable, though I do find it odd that the Amazons make it sound like Steve was a willing participant to the initial bombing when as I recall, he was forced into it and when he found out what his Ares-brainwashed co-pilot was up to, he actively tried to stop him, which is what caused the plane crash.

I guess it would be hard for the Amazons to know that, and Steve would feel guilty about not doing more and being able to stop it sooner, but I feel it’s a bit disingenuous to compare him to Heracles, who literally plotted and schemed to ravage the Amazons in every way possible.

“How do you feel about Cheetah’s depiction and origin?”

Overall a great origin and take on the character. Like a lot of good villains, Cheetah is in a lot of ways a twisted perversion of our hero. Cheetah, much like Diana, is like this because of the whim of the God(s) she serves, and derives her power from it. The difference being that Barbara was thrust into it as part of a mad bid for power and glory, whereas Diana was raised with it and taught reason and humility.

If I can find one nitpick, it’s that it’s kind of funny looking how Urzkartaga, this ancient and powerful plant god, is depicted as basically just a normal houseplant with a shiny gold vase. I think one of the things that Greg Rucka did right during his Rebirth run on the book was make Urzkartaga look more imposing and intimidating, from the more corrupted Tree of Life that his worshipers reside in, to the beast that Diana and Barbara fight.

“Did you enjoy seeing the Amazons of Egypt?”

I’ve liked what I’ve seen in other stories of the Bana-Mighdall, and their introduction doesn’t disappoint. Similarly to Cheetah, they serve well as a sort of dark reflection of what the Amazons could have been, but in the end they do show a sense of honor and a capacity to grow. Really looking forward to seeing how they interact with the story going forward.

“Which scene was your favorite?”

Like others have said, the final Diana/Cheetah showdown was epic. In this series, we’ve mostly seen a Diana who’s been the one restrained, who is less fighting her opponent and more trying to stop the violence. To see Diana, beaten and on the ropes, only to fully unleash her power and skill was surprising and sort of terrifying. Like @nu52 said, the moment where Diana rips Cheetah’s tail off was shocking.

Overall, great segment of this series. I’m so looking forward to seeing what comes next I’m almost tempted to read ahead. :smiley:

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